How To Traveling To Singapure Just In Cheap Way Using Geeks Ways

How To Travelling To Singapure Just In 3 Day - Singapore, a small country, modern, clean, neat, and orderly. No wonder many tourists likes traveling back and forth to singapure.

For those who are "the various moneyed", may be traveling to Singapore many times will not be a problem. But what if you only have a limited budget but also like to traveling the circumference of Singapore? Don't be pessimistic in the past, you could also can travel to singapure
How To Traveling To Singapure Just In Cheap Way

In this How To Traveling To Singapure Just In Cheap Way I will give you a tips and guides so you can go aroud singapure with your budget save.

Prepare Your Vacation

To prepare for the trip to Singapore there are a few things you need to prepare, which are:


A passport is the most important thing, then make sure you prepare a passport the earliest you among other things. Why because the Passport is a book that we have if we're going to travel abroad.

Make sure the time of expiry of Passport you not less than 6 months. For example: If you are planning to Singapore 15 June 2015, then at least you passport expiry period is 30 December 2015.

Immediately extend your passport if the validity period is less than 6 months. Lest ye fail to set out just because the passport has not been extended. Now to make a new passport or extend the Passport does not have to bother anymore, thanks to the online system.

Buy flights Low Cost Carrier (LCC) with promo price

The roads out of the country do not have to use public transportation is expensive, its enough with festive cheap transport provided by several airlines in indonesia.

If you want cheap travel to Singapore, you are obliged to hunt airfare with promo prices such as LCC AirAsia, Jetstar, or Tigerair. Third it is known to provide a special offer.

The normal price of a one-way flight from Jakarta – Singapore around Rp 400,000 to Rp 500,000. – If you're lucky, you could be a promo tickets priced at Rp 66,000.

Buy Cheap hotel

Singapore with a super expensive living costs, let alone we are only there for the holidays sure we don't want to spend a lot of costs for our holiday.

Cost of living in Singapore can be said quite expensive. Therefore, you need to be clever in finding cheap hotel is strategically located in Singapore. Hotel chain like the Fragrance Hotel is one of the recommended budget.

Time booking the most ideal is 1 month before the arrival date, the price is usually cheaper.

If staying at the hotel where still expensive, there are other alternatives with a stay at the hostel. Distinction hotel and hostel is on the concept of the room. In the hostel room type is usually dorm (such as dormitory) with many beds. The average price of the hostel in Singapore around $ thousands for one night.


Happen to me and my wife also was doing a travel to singapure for 3 days and here are some summary of the trip we were both over in Singapore.

For our tour to Singapore on the first day up to Singapore we go directly to the hotel where we stayed to rest for a bit there.

Then we continue our trip to rush the merlion and around town singapure using MRT.

For food we ate at bugis junksion there are many cheap food ranges between 1-5 USD so we could save money for food there.

On day two we both went on a trip to universal studios and enjoy arena games there and for admission ranges between 60usd to one person.

For the third day, my wife and I are looking for suvenier to bugis area, there are many that sell cheap suvenier so we are not spending too much

After we walk around looking for suvenier then our goal is to return to the airport to go back to our homes in jakarta.

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