Free. BOT Flash Sale Shopee Auto Buy

 Who doesn't know one of these orange e-commerce sites? Besides being one of the favorite e-commerce, shopee.co.id also often holds flash sales at a price of Rp 1000.

Free. BOT Flash Sale Shopee Auto Buy - Shopee is indeed one of the e-commerce that often hold flash sales of Rp 1000. Daily.

Not infrequently many people wait and want to buy the goods they sell.

How can you not get goods at a price that can be up to Rp 500,000 at a price of Rp 1000 only?

So you just pay the postage to your home at a normal price.

Wow really, for example in the flash sale you can buy a fan at a price of Rp 300,000 at a price of Rp 1000 only.

But not everyone can get flash sale items from this shopee. The reason is that there are so many people who want cheap goods that they sell.

But some time ago heard a viral video of the winner of a flash sale 11.11 shopee that used BOT used to auto buy a flash sale iPhone for 12 thousand rupiahs only in flash sale 11.11.

In the viral video, it is seen that users of shopee flash sale bots can get and buy iPhone 12 in a matter of seconds.

Out of curiosity, the newbie tries to conduct an investigation regarding this bot.

And the result is that you can buy this bot or you can create your own bot by using the steps that newbies will provide.

But there is a condition for you so that you can win in the match to win goods in the flash sale shopee.

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Tips for winning flash sales shopee

One way that you can get the goods you want at a price of Rp 1000. This means that you must follow shopee flash sale tips and tricks

  1. It is recommended for you to use a PC / Laptop with high enough specifications to calculate the loading process.
  2. It is recommended not to use android phones because the click process will be faster using the pc,
  3. Bots can only be used on a pc and you can't use them on your android phone.
  4. Make preparations at least 5 minutes before the flash sale starts, if you use a bot then you can run the bot early by setting the timer.
  5. The internet speed is stable and also fast because one that affects the fast loading process is stable internet.
  6. Use the internet at high speed if you can use the internet with a speed of up to 2.5 Gbps
  7. Rent rdp / VPS in Singapore to be able to get fast internet speed and stability 

Bot Shopee Flash Sale Auto Buy

For how to create a shopee flash sale bot that I will share here, you need one of the browser applications called imacros

Download and install chrome browser extensions or firefox first before continuing to use bots for shopee

After imacrost you can bring up imacrost by pressing the imacrost extension button in the top right corner and clicking 

Gratis. Bot Shopee Flash Sale 

After you click will appear the imacros window to the left of the browser you are now using

Next, we create a record to enter the flash sale bot script you can follow the sequence by opening the record > the macro record > stop > save as & close and save with the name shopee flash.

 Gratis. Bot Shopee Flash Sale

Next, you can click edit the script that you saved by right-clicking on the name of the project that has been created

 Gratis. Bot Shopee Flash Sale 

Please copy and paste the script on how to make a shopee flash sale bot first into the imacros column and set the script section of the auto-buy shopee bot to adjust to the target product. 

Gratis. Bot Shopee Flash Sale

Before continuing it's a good idea to know the information about the shopee auto buys bot script first.

The second row in the section "Wait Sconds=1" shows a waiting time of 1 second. This section is used as a timer. Suppose you want to run for 10 minutes before the flash sale then we change Wait Seconds =1 to "wait for Sconds=600"

In script 2 delete "target product address" and you can change or copy-paste the target shopee product address

For the 4th row, it has a function as a specific option before clicking the buy button now. Suppose you want to choose a color or shape so replace the word "CHOICE" with a choice that is written exactly the same as the one on the product web.

If there is a space in the shape selection then you can enter the word <SP>see a space replacement such as "Size<SP>42". If the product you choose does not have a choice of shapes then you can delete the 4th line so that the script can run.

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How to Use BOT At Shopee Flash Sale

There are several steps that you must take so that the script that you will run is successful. How to use it is quite easy, you can follow the following steps

  1. Before you run a Shopee Bot, you must first log in using your shopee account.
  2. Select the script you created and then click play
  3. Next, you can see the results, and if it does not work there is a possibility that the internet network is in trouble.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time that discusses a free shopee bot with the title Free. Bot Shopee Flash Sale Auto Buy. I hope it helps.

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