Tutorial 4 Way How to Connect Anycast To TV

Anycast is currently available in Indonesia with various brands, One of them is AIRSKY which is the product that I say is easiest for you to use for mirroring to TV.

This morning accompanied by a warm cup of coffee while looking for inspiration to write an article on the blog while srufing using google finally I got the inspiration to write an article about Anycast.
Anycast is an HDMI adapter or dongle commonly used on an HDTV so that the HDTV that we have can be used for streaming video or music directly from the internet. 

 By using anycast we can make our TV into a smart TV that we can use to surf the internet by using wifi.

For those of you who have just purchased Anycast and want to connect anycast that you have purchased on your tv.

You can simply follow the steps in the following video. 

How to connect AnyCast

Anycast is a wifi riciver that you can use to display the screen on your android phone to the TV screen by using WIFI media.

Anycast supports Miracast standard for mobile phones with android operating system and Microsoft Windows with DLNA for multimedia applications at home.

In addition, Anycast can also be used for mobile phones with iOS operating system using Apple AirPlay mirroring application.

For the steps you can follow below

The first step you can turn on anycast with micro USB cable

Attach Anycast to your HDMI tv port and move your tv channel to connect with AnyCast via HDMI.

Plug the usb cable into the power port

Once lit and connected there will be an initial view of Anycast as shown below

If you want to move between Airplay and miracast you can press the little button next to anycast you have

How to use anycast on iPhone iOS phone

For the first step, you can press the small tombil next to your anycast so you can switch to AirPlay.

You can get the SSID and password on your TV monitor screen as shown.

Connect your iPhone device with wifi that appears from your AnyCast.

Turn on the AirPlay app on your iPhone and select SSID AnyCast as shown below

Anycast connection on android phone

The first step you can switch the mode in anycast to Miracast by pressing the button next to anycast

Once successfully connected you can search for Miracast in functions on android phones such as screen mirroring or miracast or smart view

Next you can connect miracast from android phone to anycast

Connect anycast from MacBOOK to TV with AirPlay

Actually you can also display the screen of your macbook pro to the tv screen by using anycast for how

You just have to change the mode in anycast by pressing the button next to anycast and then enter airplay/DLNA mode.

Next step please connect your macbook to anycast by using wifi with SSID in AnyCast.

Then go to airplay on your MacBook as shown below

Connect anycast to windows

To connect anycast to a computer using the windows operating system you can do so with the steps to go to the start menu > settings > connected devices > add printer or scanner and you can try to find AnyCast Dongle as shown below

AnyCast is a Wi-Fi display receiver, which supports the Miracast standard for Android &Microsoft Windows, and DLNA for home multimedia applications. In addition, it also corresponds to mirroring Apple AirPlay for iOS and Mac OS X. Enjoy screen mirroring with AnyCast!

If you use anycast, you can't connect your android phone to your tv. You can use other alternatives by using Android TV Box

Thank you for reading my article this time Hopefully useful

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