2 Easy Way How to Upgrade Ubiquiti Unifi AP Firmware

Unifi Ubiquiti AP is an access point tool that can be said to be used most often in office areas or hotels.

In addition to its affordable price, this Access Point has a controler that we can use to monitor all access points that we use around the office. 

But the ugliness of an access point that uses its own controler is, when we want to connect the access point with the controler.

We have to customize the firmware series that is inside the AP with the controller that we will use.

The way to connect unifi access points to the controller is known as adopt.

To apply AP Unifi to the controler you are using. You must first update the firmware in your AP to the latest version.

For that you have to update it first so that you can connect unifi AP with controler.

How to Upgrade Unifi AP Firmware

There are two ways you can update the firmware in the unifi access point you are using.

For the first way is the easiest way. But you must first be able to adopt the AP that you use.

How to update the AP firmware from the controller

For the first way you can do by updating the firmware of the AP you use directly from the controller.

The way you can directly login controller that you use for access point and directly click Device > select the AP you want to upgrade such as pictures

Later automatically your unifi AP will automatically upgrade the firmware that corresponds to the AP series you are using.

The upgrade will take a few minutes and the AP will restart several times. So it is recommended to do a gradual AP upgrade.

Unifi Manual Upgrade with SSH

The second way to upgrade the firmware is by manual means. This method is confusing but you can follow the steps that newbie will give below.

For the first step, you first download an application called Putty and install it first on your computer.

Next you can download the firmware that matches the AP you use on the Ubiquiti site and download it according to your AP series.

After you download the firmware you will use for unifi AP updates. Then you move the firmware you have downloaded to the location C:\Users\user\Ubiquiti UniFi\dl\firmware

For the user you can adjust to the user you use on the laptop computer you use and you install the unifi controller.

Next please install your unifi AP to POE using lan cable and to connect lan to your PC

For on PC please change the IP to because the default of unifi AP is

Next open the Putty application and type the ip address of the AP which is

Next you can login to your Unifi AP with User ubnt, ubnt password and you can type info to know the information of the firmware last used by your unifi AP

To upgrade unifi firmware you just type upgrade

Wait until the firmware upgrade process is complete and during this process, your unifi will restart several times.

After the upgrade process is complete then you can adopt to your unifi again by using the controller that you have installed on the computer.

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