Free, Download Windows 7 ORIGINAL ISO Latest Update

Windows is an operating system that is currently widely used by users of computers and laptops around the world. Especially windows 7 that has been widely used by pc users today.


Windows 7 is an operating system that can be said to be very popular still used by pc users around the world.

Even to date where soon the operating system windows 7 will not receive the latest updates from microsoft.

There are still many who use this windows 7 operating system on their pc for various reasons.

One of the reasons there are still many people who use the windows 7 operating system is because the windows 7 operating system is still compatible with various software applications and also today's games.

Therefore, many people still use windows 7 operating system on their computers to date.

Windows 7 Type

For the market microsoft provides several types of windows 7 that you can choose and use.

Here are some official versions of windows 7

  1. Windows 7 Starter
  2. Windows 7 Home Basic
  3. Windows 7 Home Premium
  4. Windows 7 Professional
  5. Windows 7 Enterprise
  6. Windows 7 Ultimate

Most of us will definitely use windows 7 ultimate because in windows 7 this series has a lot of features that we need.

For most offices they will buy windows 7 Professional because windows series and above can be connected to the office domain.

Download ISO Windows 7

For those of you who want to install windows 7 and confused looking for the original DVD, you can download the ISOnya and you can also burn it to a DVD that you can buy on the market.

To download the ISO version of newbie recommend to download the latest version so that you no longer need to download windows updates.

To download the latest and updated ISO version you can download it at the link below.

For iso file windows 7 above I guarantee ori because you directly download on microsoft site

But for the activation you need the original serial key that you received when you bought the original DVD windows 7

So you just install your laptop using windows 7 ISO above and you just enter the product key in the box or in the sticker windows 7

Next you can use how to make bootable windows 7 from flasdisk so you can install your windows 7 to laptop using flash drive.

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