10+ Steps How to Install Windows 11 On PC

Windows 11 is out even though it's not in the official version yet. But you can already try Windows 11 first to install on your pc or laptop.

Windows 11 is out and you can now download it and you can install it on your laptop and computer at home.

Windows 11 provides an update in the Microsoft App Store where microsoft delivers on the promise to provide a better system for app developers in the microsoft app store.

In addition, windows 11 also displays a taskbar display in the middle and floating windows that are different from the windows 10 that you are currently using.

For those of you who are curious about the appearance of windows 11 then you must continue reading this article that I will create.

How to install windows 11

In this article newbie will give you the steps how to install windows 11 without any problems at all.

For the initial steps you can follow below

Download windows 11 iso

For the earliest steps it is recommended that you download windows 11 from its official website after the official windows 11 is released.

But if you can't wait, you can download windows 11 at the link that I have provided and save it on your computer first.

Steps to install windows 11

There are several steps to install windows 11 that you must follow as below

After you download iso windows 11 pro, next is you make a boot cd from using a flash drive.

If you have done so next is the installation process of windows 11 pro on the laptop or computer you are using.

Restart the computer you want to install windows 11 on and press one of the F9, Esc, F12, F10, or the keys that correspond to the computer and laptop you are using.

Select boot to USB that you have filled with iso windows 11 so that the installation process will start.

The windows 11 install process is already running, if you get a message if you want to continue the process of installing windows 11 with your old windows update to windows 10 you can choose this process.

Otherwise and you want to install windows 11 without updating your old windows. You can select option No.

Furthermore, the process of installing windows 11 is almost similar to the install process in windows 10. You just install now -> I don't have a product key -> Select windows 11 pro or any other version of windows.

To install windows 11, select the partition you want to select as where the windows 11 operating system runs. Example is usually that for windows system we can select the C. partition and press the next button.

Then the windows install process will run and the process will be installed on the computer you are using.

Next, your computer will reboot and the windows 11 OOBE setup page will appear. Next you can see some of the instructions that appear on the screen. 

You can sign in with your micorosft account or you can create a new user and password without using a microsoft account.

Once the process is complete you will get a new look of windows 11 that is already installed on your pc and laptop.

For intall windows process you can see in youtube video that I have provided below

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