Download Upgrade Windows 11 Free

On social media such as tiktok enlivened by the emergence of a unique look like Mac OS in Windows 11.

Download Upgrade Windows 11 Free

The new Windows 11 will be officially launched on June 24 this year, but ahead of the official release date, the ISO file of windows 11 beta version has been leaked on the internet.

Windows 11 itself comes with some new features that are more than enough to make people who want to try it curious.

In this newbie article, I will give you a free Windows 11 download link and will inform you of new features.

Newbie will also give you safe tips for installing windows 11 on your computer if you don't have a backup computer to try to install the windows 11 operating system.

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Features in Windows 11

In windows 11 there are several features as well as a new UI overhaul, including the taskbar compression that differs from other windows operating systems. 

New Task Menu View

Microsoft is now pushing a feature where the star menu appears in the middle, although users can still move the start menu on their pc to the left.

When the taskbar is in the middle, the users will be shown the application menu that is also in the middle of the screen.

In addition, there is also a new search icon that displays a different floating search bar with the windows 11 operating system.

This helps put the things that matter most to their users in front of and around and similar to MacOS or Chrome OS.

Different UI

As a rejuvenation of the latest Microsoft Windows, their windows 11 operating system adds rounded corners to UI components throughout the operating system.

In addition, Microsoft also implements a floating start menu, similar to Windows 10X which is currently out of use.

New StartUp Wallpapers and Sounds

Microsoft has also added new wallpapers and a new startup sound inspired by the cancelled Windows 10X.

Microsoft Store Redesign

Microsoft also launched a new mircrosoft store that allows developers to submit unpacked win32 applications, hosted apps &updates on their own content delivery network (CDN).

It also allows developers to use third-party trading platforms into the app.

New Icon

Microsoft has also created new icons across their entire product range.

This release brings new icons to documents, downloads, pictures. When navigating through the OS, users will see a nicer icon.

New multitask

In windows 11, microsoft has added a "group" feature where users hover their cursor over the maximize button, then they will see how to pair the active window with all other open windows.

Users can also then click the button and create a group, and windows 11 and remember the combinations they created.

New Animation

There are many new animations present in Windows 11. Such as asking the window on the screen skitar user for multikasking will show a blurry effect such as glass in front of the wallpaper or touching the top of the window with a finger will show the outline of the new window that will help the users.

Action Center View

Microsoft has added some consistency to the whole under the interface. The user will see if the action center now also has a more rounded angle.

Users will see if the Current Action center also has rounded corners, and a larger slider button.

Helps make keystrokes much easier. The way the button is formed in the action center fits naturally with the user's fingertips.

Touch Control

Windows 11 brought some much-needed changes by removing tablet mode in order to make smaller updates.

Windows 11 itself is created so that when they touch the screen with their fingers, they will see a much larger look.

So tablet owners can be much easier to use windows 11 as their operating system.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktop management moves to the khsusu area at the bottom of the screen. Users can change the wallpapers one by one on each virtual desktop.

Users can even change with their mouse and finger.

Install Windows 11 in Virtual Machine

Because this is still a beta version, so newbie suggest for those of you who really want to use windows 11 can install this windows on the virtual machine first.

You can first download applications such as VMware or VirtualBox for later you use as a virtual machine.

There are several reasons why you should install windows 11 on your virtual machine

  • This release is a stable or even official version. This is a version that leaked to the internet.
  • There are still some security issues, which is why you shouldn't do new installations on the main computer.
  • This release has some bugs that can make your computer crash or crash.
  • In other words, you don't want your work to stop because you're using the beta version of windows 11.
  • Use the backup computer to test.
  • Hardware may not meet the minimum system requirements. Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot support to be installed. 

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Pc specifications for windows 11

Preferably before you download windows 11 for free, make sure your PC meets the minimum specifications to use this operating system.

For this operating system you need a pc with the following specifications

  • Almost all the latest Intel or AMD processors
  • Processor at least 1 GHz or faster
  • 1GB RAM for x86 and 2GB for x64
  • The amount of free disk space – depending on the OS to the OS.
  • Minimum screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels 

Download Windows 11 For Free

For those who can't wait to try the windows 11 version of microsoft. You can download the version. The ISO first.

For download you can use the download link windows 11 iso.

So many newbie tutorials this time with the title Free. How to Download Windows 11 Upgrade. and thank you.

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