Difference between Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit

Windows has two system bases namely windows 32 bit and windows 64 bit. The most widely used windows operating system by laptop and computer users worldwide is Windows 32bit.

 Difference between Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit  - Windows is an operating system that is quite popular in use by pc and laptop users around the world.

Users of this operating system are countless because most PCs and laptops are sold on the market using windows operating systems.

Starting from windows 7, windows 8 even now windows 10 is widely used and you can also buy it on the market.

Windows itself has 2 different systems that are 32 bit windows system and also 64 bit. and from both windows operating systems that we know have a difference if you use on pc.

This difference has a significant impact on the performance of the computer you are currently using.

What are the differences of 32 bit and 64 bit windows systems, newbie will give you the difference below.

Amount of RAM used

The difference that we can know from a 32 bit windows system or 64 bit windows is determined by the capabilities of the processor.

Windows 64bit technology that can be said to be the latest technology from windows 32bit. Windows 32 bit with 32bit processor has a remote deflating under windows 64 bit.

So for those who only need office work, a 32-bit system is enough to do all the work.

For windows with 64bit operating system is perfect for use to do much more strenuous work such as design, video editing and so on.

For those who need large RAM, then you are perfect to use windows with 64bit operating system.

As for windows 32bit can only receive the largest RAM is 4 GB and is perfect for ordinary office work only. 

32bit and 64bit performance

When in operation, windows with 32bit and 64bit systems support with the processor capabilities that are in the device.

Devices using 64bit technology certainly also have better capabilities than computers with 32bit technology.

The reason is because the 64bit processor is the latest version that is adapted to the development of today's technology.

In addition, computers with 64bit processors also have the ability to store more computing value, which means it is able to access four billion times more memory than a 32-bit processor.

 App compatibility

Further differences from these two operating systems can also affect the compatibility of applications that can be used on the device.

If you're using a 32-bit operating system, of course your device won't be able to run apps with a 64bit system.

For example, applications that require a processor and system that is capable of doing design work, video editing, and games with high-resolution graphics.

While the 64bit operating system can be freely because it can run 32bit or 64bit applications.

Advantages and disadvantages of windows 64bit and 32bit

Before you want to use windows with 64 bit or 32 bit operating system, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of windows with the following 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

Advantages of Windows 32 Bit

  • Can be used to run old software and applications on a 16-bit basis. But unfortunately for 16 bit software is now no longer used.
  • Compatible with the use of old series computer drivers.
  • Suitable for users of old series computers and laptops, usually for laptops and new computers often do not fit.
  • Can run optimally even if using RAM that is relatively small below 4GB.

Disadvantages of Windows 32 Bit

  • Compatible software is now getting less and less, especially for new software is no longer supported from developers.
  • Can only support RAM below 4GB only.
  • It cannot be used to run heavyweight software such as Adobe and the like. 

Advantages of Windows 64 Bit

  • Faster and more efficient in terms of performance because it can process more data.
  • Processor performance can be more optimal.
  • It can run 32 bit based software, so when installing you no longer have to think about using 32 bit or 64 bit, everything can be installed.
  • Support to run the latest software.
  • Suitable for heavy work purposes.
  • Suitable for the latest generation of computers and laptops.
  • The level of software compatibility is more complete. 

Disadvantages of Windows 64 Bit

  • Windows 64 bit is not suitable for older generation laptops and computers.
  • Unable to work optimally using 2 GB of RAM, the recommendation is that it can use 4 GB and above.

Well above is a pretty significant difference between windows with 32bit operating system and 64bit operating system.

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