Difference between Windows 10 Professional with Windows 10 Home

Difference between Windows 10 Professional with Windows 10 Home - Windows 10 is the latest operating system made by Windows and this operating system is divided into 7 editions that you can use.

Windows 10 edition includes Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Education, Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise, and IoT Core.

For laptop and pc users, you can only use the Windows 10 Home operating system, Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

But for Windows 10 Enterprise can only be used by business users, and for you home users only have two choices, namely Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro.

 The difference between Windows 10 home and Windows 10 Pro

For us, ordinary people are still confused to distinguish between Windows 10 home and Windows 10 Pro. Because indeed in terms of appearance, Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro have no difference.

The difference is the features contained in it. This feature is usually not what we can see but for professional users, it may be very important and needed.

So for those of you who use the Windows 10 home operating system and want to upgrade your Windows 10 operating system to the pro version. You can see the difference between the following two operating systems. Yes

Features Home Pro
Customizable Start Yes Yes
Windows Defender and Windows firewall Yes Yes
Fast startup with Hiberboot and InstantGo Yes Yes
TPM Support Yes Yes
Battery Saver Yes Yes
Windows Update Yes Yes

Talk or type naturally Yes Yes
Personal and proactive suggestions Yes Yes
Reminders Yes Yes
Search web, device, and cloud Yes Yes
“Hey Cortana” hands-free activation Yes Yes
Windows Hello

Native fingerprint recognition Yes Yes
Native facial and iris recognition Yes Yes
Enterprise level security Yes Yes

Virtual desktops Yes Yes
Snap assist (up to four apps on one screen) Yes Yes
Snap apps across screens on different monitors Yes Yes

Switch from PC to tablet mode Yes Yes
Microsoft Edge

Reading view Yes Yes
Built-in ink support Yes Yes
Cortana integration Yes Yes

Device Encryption Yes Yes
Microsoft Passport Yes Yes
Enterprise Data Protection No Yes
Windows as a service

Windows Update Yes Yes
Windows Update for business No Yes
Current branch for business No Yes
Management and deployment

Side-loading of line of business apps Yes Yes
Mobile device management Yes Yes
Ability to join Azure directory, win single sign-on to cloud-hosted apps No Yes
Business Store for Windows 10 No Yes
Easy Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise Edition No Yes
Easy Upgrade from Home to Education Edition Yes No
Existing fundamentals

Device Encryption Yes Yes
Domain Join No Yes
BitLocker No Yes
Group Policy No Yes
Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer No Yes
Assigned Access 8.1 No Yes
Remote Desktop No Yes

As we saw in the table above, Windows 10 Home is a Windows 10 edition that has the least features. However, all the latest features in Windows 10 already exist and are available on the Windows 10 home operating system.

Features that do not have Windows 10 home and are in Windows 10 Pro have joined domains, Group Policy, Assigned Access, BitLocker, Remote Desktop, Assigned Access, Exproler, Business Store, Enterprise Data Protection, Enterprise Internet mode, Windows update for business, and also the current Branch For Business.

For newbie colleagues, home users, we recommend using the Home version because of the Domain Join feature, Windows Update for Business, and you don't need the Current Branch for Business.

But for those of you who work at home but need the BitLocker, Remote Desktop and Group Policy features you can buy the Pro version.

In addition, the newbie feels if Windows 10 home, runs lighter than Windows 10 Pro Edition.

So you can consider when buying an operating system for your computer or laptop. do you want to buy a Windows 10 Professional operating system or enough with the Windows 10 Home operating system?

So first, this newbie article this time with the title Difference Windows 10 Professional with Windows 10 Home. Hopefully, this article is useful.

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