How to WIFI Setup an Epson L-Series Printer of All Printer Types

How to set Epson WIFI L-Series Printer All Types of Printers - Now the printer has evolved. What used to be a printer is that we can only use it to print using a cable connected to the USB laptop or computer we use.

Now we can print all forms of documents without using cables. We just need to connect our printer with a WIFI network or network that is already installed in your office or home.

Many series of Epson inkjet printer printers that are now using networking facilities are one of them EPSON L SERIES printers with several series such as L405 - L365 - L385 - L355 - L565 - Epson Ecotank L3150 and Epson L4150

 How to install the Epson L series

How to install the Epson all in one L series printer is very easy as long as you still have the default CD Driver from the printer when you first buy the Epson printer.

But what if the driver CD is missing ???

If you experience the above problems you don't need to worry. Because you can download the printer driver that matches the type of printer you have at http://support.epson.net

After you enter to try to enter the type of Epson printer that you have. Example here I enter the Epson L405 printer type

The next step is to just click let's go start

And download the driver that you will use to install your wifi printer.

Then you can follow the next steps by checking "I Agree By The content" then clicking next

Fill your printer ink with the ink that has been provided and then selects next

Select wifi connection then click next

Wait for a while until the printer regarding the wifi in your room

Press the WIFI button on the printer

Choose next

Wait for a while until the printer is finished configuring

When finished, you can use the printer to scan documents and print documents that you will use from the computer.

First of all this article with the title How to Arrange WIFI Settings for Epson L-Series All Printer Types. so first and thank you

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