How to See Hard Drive Capacity on Windows 10

How to See Hard Drive Capacity on Windows 10 - Have you ever felt if the performance of a laptop or computer that you use feels slow and often very loud.

There are various ways that you do such as doing a desktop refresh but no changes occur and your computer still feels slow.

If this happens on your laptop. Maybe you should immediately check the remaining memory storage capacity of your laptop.

The reason is simply that the lack of hard disk capacity that can be caused by the capacity of a full laptop can cause your laptop to become slow and easy to catch.

But is there a way to be able to see the hard drive capacity of the laptop or pc that we are using and still remaining, especially if you are using a Windows 10 operating system.

So that you don't confuse the newbie will give you a way to see the Windows 10 laptop hard drive capacity as in the method below

How to see Windows 10 hard drive capacity

For the first way, you can see it through the settings menu, by step typing the start menu button and clicking settings

Then you can select System to enter the next menu

In the next window you can select the storage menu

In the new store window, your hard drive capacity details will appear as in my picture below.

And you can see the details by double-clicking on the C partition and you can see the details as shown below

You can also see your hard drive usage details which have partition D by clicking on it.

After you know which is the most wasteful place for storage, the next step you can immediately delete the files that are important at the storage location.

There is one more step that you can use to see the remaining capacity of your hard drive using Windows 10.

For the second way, you can simply do it through File Explorer. It's easy enough that you can open file explorer and then you click on This PC.

Later your PC's hard drive capacity will appear as shown below

So a few steps on how to see the laptop and PC hard drive that uses a Windows 10 operating system. Very easy, not hopefully the tips that I provide are useful for all colleagues.

So first my article this time with the title How to View the Capacity of Hard Drive on Windows 10


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