11 Steps How to Reset Canon Pixma G1010, G2010, G3010 Printer Without Software

Sometimes our printer on LED Ink and Paper flashes alternately which indicates if your printer must be reset for us to be able to reuse.

How to Reset Canon G1010, G2010, G3000, G3010 and G4010 printers we can do by manual without software resetter and service tools.

You can do it by replacing the IC Eprom printer contained in the printer components itself.

This often happens to the printer we use that suddenly experience an error message B500 so that the printer becomes bliking and indicates if the canon printer must be reset immediately.

To reset canon printers with type G such as Canon G1010 Printer, G2010, G3000, G3010 and G4010 and others.

There are several ways that you can do starting from the manual way, using canon service tools and also by replacing ICeprom in the mainboard printer.

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How to reset manual canon printer

To do so, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Turn off the printer first.
  2. Insert paper in the printer tray to check if the printer is working properly
  3. Then press and hold the resume/stop button (red triangle) at the same time as press the power button (ON/OFF)
  4. Next remove the resume/stop button (red triangle), but still press the power button
  5. Then press the resume/stop button 5 times
  6. And take off all the buttons.
  7. Then automatically the green indicator light will blink and tungu until the green indicator light remains on without blinking.  
  8. When the indicator light is on normally, press the resume / stop button again 5 times by continuing to press the power button 1 time.
  9. After the print results come out, the indicator light will be green, and press the Stop button again for 3 times by pressing the power button 1 time.
  10. If the print paper comes out with a half-page print, then the reset process has been successfully done.
  11. The last step, turn off the printer and turn it back on, then the printer is ready to be reused.

That's how to reset the canon pixma priner manually without using any applications and software.

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But if the above methods can not you can reset the printer by using the application service tools printer canon pixma G1010, G2010, G3010

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title 11 Steps How to Reset Printer Canon Pixma G1010, G2010, G3010 Without Software.

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