3 Way How to Use Spotlight Search on iPhone

 Not only is it available for Mac users, the Spotlight Search feature is also available for iPhone or iPad users.

Spotlight Search itself is a feature that has been present for quite a long time on the iPhone. 

Users can search for things like files, apps — not limited to Apple apps — and even do searches like they're using a web browser.

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Access Spotlight Search

To access Spotlight Search, it's pretty easy. On the first home screen page on the iPhone, swipe right.

Using Spotlight Search

On the main display of Spotlight Search, you will find several widgets (iOS 14 or above) that you can set like widgets on the home screen by pressing the Edit button at the bottom.

Performing a Search

You can tap the search field at the top. When searching, Siri Suggestion will appear in the form of a list of applications based on Siri recommendations that you can access quickly.

Continue in the search field, you can type anything, from searching for files, applications, to doing web searches.

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