Hotspot name crashes iPhone in rows

A bug in iOS causes confusion. If a Wi-Fi hotspot has a specific name, it's also with the Wi-Fi feature in the iPhone or iPad.

Security researcher Carl Schou has discovered that there is a curious gap between iOS and iPad. 

It ensures that the Wi-Fi connection is interrupted when a user wants to connect with a specific Wi-Fi name.

This character combination disables the Wi-Fi function in the iPhone and iPad. 

The problem occurs again even when the iPhone is rebooted because the smartphone apparently remembers the Wi-Fi name. 

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The Wi-Fi hotspot name must contain the character combination %p%s%s%s%s%n and then it's over. 

By the way, it is also of no use if the SSID is subsequently changed.

There does not yet seem to be a solution to this problem. 

The security researcher suspects that such a vulnerability could be exploited to harm unsuspecting users who want to connect to such a WLAN in order to get into the network.

Of course, there is a solution, but it should be foreign to the ordinary user: Anyone who resets the network settings of the iPhone is freed from the plague.

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