How to Completely Delete Old Apps from iPhone

The more programs and other data stored on your iPhone, the longer their backup will take and the slower the iPhone can also become. 

Therefore, you should regularly scan your iPhone for apps that you no longer need and delete them if necessary.

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To remove an app from your iPhone

To remove an app, tap the app icon until you see a context menu with the options "Remove app", "Share app" and "Edit home screen". 

With a tap on "Remove app" new questions arise: Do you want to "delete the app" or just "Remove from the home screen"? Select Delete App to remove the application completely. 

If you select the other option, the app will only be moved to the new app library and will continue to take up storage space.

Always remember that the application will no longer be found on your iPhone after that. If you need them again later, you will have to download them again. 

If it is a purchased app, there are no additional costs for re-downloading. 

In some cases, however, the app may also have made a data backup in the cloud, so you can always access your old data again should you use the app again.

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Why You Should Completely Delete Old Apps from iPhone

With increasing storage space in Apple products, deletion also fades into the background for many users. 

In "Settings > App Store", Apple also offers an interesting function that can help you. Activate "Outsource unused apps" there. 

The old apps that you haven't used for a long time will be automatically deleted, but the app icon will still be visible on your home screen. 

If you tap it, iOS will download the app again. However, your data will be retained.

However, you should also delete apps from time to time, as they eat up unnecessary memory, and then you actually see that you may not need the larger storage option for the next iPhone. 

In addition, it makes sense to go through your apps in "Settings > General > iPhone storage". After a short wait, you can see when you last used the app. 

If this was more than a year ago, you should delete it. 

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