How to Mute Incoming Emails on iPhone

 You may have come across threaded conversations in emails that seem annoying, especially when you're not interested in them. 

How to Mute Incoming Emails on iPhone

Fortunately, since iOS 13, Apple's built-in Mail application provides a feature where you can easily mute conversations on emails without having to block the email contact.

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Mute Incoming Emails on iPhone

  • Open the Mail app.
  • Swipe left and tap the More option.
  • Tap the Mute option.
  • When finished, then you will find a mute icon on the related email which indicates that the email has been muted.

Furthermore, you can set what needs to be done when you get an email that has been muted before. Go to Settings > Mail > Mute Thread Action, then you can select the Mark as Read or Archive or Delete option.

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