How to Type Diacritic Letters on iPhone

When you open the keyboard on your iPhone, you'll find a list of just the standard letters. 

So, if you want to type complex letters like café sentences, you will think about how to add a small line (accent mark) above the letter e.

For him it is not a difficult thing, you can easily type these diacritic letters easily directly from the keyboard on the iPhone.

Typing Diacritic Letters on iPhone

  • Open an app like iMessage, Notes, or social media.
  • While typing, tap-hold on one of the letters on the keyboard until a list of diacritic letters appears.
  • Still, in the tap-hold position, slide right to select the desired diacritic letter.
  • Take off your finger to use the desired diacritic letter.
  • Done.

Keep in mind, that not all letters support diacritics. For example, if you tap-hold down the q button, nothing will happen. 

There are only a few letters that support such as a, c, e, i, l, n, o, s, u, y, and z.

Not only letters, but some symbols such as $, ', -, &, and others also have additional symbols when you tap-hold.

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