How to View Cycle Count Battery on iPhone

In certain cases, maybe you need to know the cycle count / how many times the iPhone is on the charger. 

How to View Cycle Count Battery on iPhone

This is important because according to the explanation from Apple, battery performance will decrease if the battery has been charged above 500 times.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in setting on the iPhone that can see the cycle count battery. But even so, you can still find out by using the following methods.

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View Cycle Count Battery on iPhone

  • Install Shortcut View Battery Cycle.
  • Open Settings.
  • Swipe down until you find the Privacy option.
  • Tap the Analytics & Improvements option at the very bottom.
  • Tap the Data Analytics option.
  • Find and tap the log-aggregated-XXXX- option. Make sure you choose the bottom one, as it's the latest analysis data.
  • Tap the Share option in the upper right corner, then select the View Battery Cycle option.
  • You will find a notification containing the number of times you have charged the battery.

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