5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Update iOS 16 on iPhone

Before you blindly jump on the new iOS 16 update, we would like to give you a few useful tips at this point. 

5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Update iOS 16 on iPhone

If you take these to heart, you can make sure that nothing goes wrong during the update process.

1. Create iPhone Backup

As before any software update, you should definitely create an iPhone backup (via iCloud or iTunes) before updating to iOS 16. 

So your data will not be lost if something goes wrong during the update and you can reinstall it at any time. 

We recommend that you create the backup in iCloud, as this variant is probably the most convenient – provided you have enough iCloud storage space, of course. 

In the Settings app, just go to your name at the top > "iCloud" > "iCloud Backup" > "Create Backup Now".

2. Check & free up space

Next, make sure there is enough memory free on your iPhone. Especially users who have an iPhone with 64 GB or 128 GB should look again here. 

To do this, simply go to the Settings app under "General" > "iPhone Storage" and take a look at the memory diagram at the top. 

If there is little space left – the iOS update requires about 5 – 6 GB – you can simply delete photos, music, messages or other content that you no longer need on this level.

3. Connect iPhone to power

To install the update, your iPhone must be at least 50% charged. 

Therefore, plug it into the power so that it has enough juice to perform the update and does not go out during the update. 

Finally, the process can take several hours, depending on the Internet connection and the load on Apple's servers.

4. Maybe wait for iOS 16.0.1

When iOS 16 is distributed to all users tonight, it will be the very first software version to be used by the masses. 

Usually, in the first days and weeks, numerous system errors are discovered that can make your life difficult. 

So if you depend on a perfectly functioning iPhone – for example, because you use it for work – we recommend that you wait for iOS 16.0.1 or even iOS 16.1. 

In these versions, which are usually added 2 – 3 weeks after the initial release, Apple has already fixed most of the bugs, so you do not have to expect any restrictions or problems. 

If you absolutely want, you can of course also pull iOS 16 on the iPhone, but you may have to expect that it will get stuck here and there.

5. Kick beta profile from iPhone

If you still have the Developer Beta or the iOS 16 Public Beta installed on your iPhone, you'll need to delete it from your iPhone to get the official iOS 16 version. 

To do this, open the Settings app and tap "General" > "VPN and Device Management". Then go to the item "iOS Beta Software Profile" and click on "Remove Profile" at the bottom. 

Enter the passcode of your iPhone and confirm the deletion of the profile with a tap on "Remove".

Before you can install the latest iOS version on your iPhone and perform the software update, you still need to restart the device. 

To do this, hold down the power button and swipe the "Turn Off" slider to the right. Restart your iPhone via the power button. 

As soon as the official iOS update is released for download, you can install it in the Settings app under "General" → "Software Update" and return to the regular iOS version.

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