How to Allow Untrusted Shortcut on iPhone

Since iOS 13, Apple introduced a new application called Shortcut (Siri Shortcut). 

How to Allow Untrusted Shortcut on iPhone

Where you can command Siri to perform simple tasks such as adding music to playlists, creating reminders, and much more.

In addition to creating your own shortcuts, you can also get shortcuts on the Internet. 

This shortcut was created by a 3rd party to add more variety because there are actually many things that this Shortcut application can do instead of doing basic tasks.

That being said, not all of these 3rd party shortcuts are considered safe by Apple. So to take precautions, Apple provides an option where you can allow 3rd party shortcuts or not.

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Allow Untrusted Shortcut on iPhone

  • Open Settings.
  • Swipe down until you find the Shortcuts option.
  • Tap (On) on the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts option. When an alert appears, tap Allow.
  • Enter the required Passcode.

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