How to Set Haptic Touch Speed ​​on iPhone

On the iPhone, you can change the pressure sensitivity of the haptic touch, this can be useful if you frequently accidentally activate the haptic touch because it's too easy, or when it's hard to access.

How to Set Haptic Touch Speed ​​on iPhone

This article will provide a way to set the speed on haptic touch on iPhone.

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Set Haptic Touch Speed ​​on iPhone

  • Go to Settings.
  • Swipe down until you find the Accessibility option.
  • Tap the Touch option.
  • Tap the Haptic Touch option.
  • Tap the option between Fast or Slow to set how fast the haptic touch will appear when you press the screen. You can also directly test the haptic speed by tapping and holding the option below (the one with the flower image).

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