How to Turn Off Zoom Meeting Updates

The Zoom meeting application is an online meeting application that allows you to have meetings with your clients or office people wherever you are.

How to Turn Off Zoom Meeting Updates

How to Turn Off Zoom Meeting Updates - Zoom meeting itself is a digital meeting application that is quite widely used by many people around the world.

Just like other online meeting applications, namely Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams. This application can make you hold meetings wherever you are.

Zoom video conferencing service providers are currently quite popular among users because of their practicality.

During the covid pandemic, many people were working from home and could not do activities outside for a while.

The zoom meeting application at that time was an application that was quite helpful because it could be used to conduct online meetings without us having to leave the house.

As an application, zoom meeting also requires periodic updates so that this application supports hardware developments.

But sometimes there are laptops or PCs that don't support it after updating their zoom meeting.

There are some people who can't use their webcam during a meeting, there are also some who can't use the mic and also don't hear sound when they do a zoom meeting.

One way that we can rely on is not to update first when you get this problem.

This is because there is a possibility that some support drivers have not been added or were accidentally deleted by the developer.

To disable updates in the zoom meeting, newbie will provide the steps below.

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How to turn off zoom updates

Deactivating the zoom meeting update is very easy because you don't have to bother doing it.

How to turn off update zoom on windows

For Windows 10 or Windows 11 users, you can also turn off your zoom meeting updates so you can save on quota.

You just have to follow the steps that a newbie will give below.

How to Turn Off Zoom Meeting Updates

Enter the zoom application using the account that you registered

How to Turn Off Zoom Meeting Updates

Then select general and look at the Zoom Update section, here you can click and turn off the check on Automatically keep zoom desktop up to date.

After that, Zoom will not update your applications on your laptop, so those of you who use Zoom for meetings don't have to worry about your data package running out just to update Zoom.

That's all for this newbie tutorial with the title How to Turn Off the Zoom Meeting Update so that your internet quota remains safe and under control

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