What is an IPSW File and How to Open It in Windows?

When using Windows, you will probably find files in IPSW format. 

Maybe you will be confused because this format is not often found like exe or doc. 

For this reason, this article will discuss IPSW files and how to open them in Windows.

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What is IPSW?

IPSW is a file format used by Apple, usually, this format is used as an update package for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. 

Apart from being used for updates, this file is also commonly used when you want to restore Apple devices to factory settings. 

Not surprisingly, this IPSW file usually has a size above 1 GB.

So this IPSW file is similar to the ISO file that exists in the Windows ecosystem.

How do I open an IPSW file?

IPSW files are commonly used by the iTunes application, which is where the application will be used if you want to connect Apple devices with Windows. 

So if you have installed the iTunes application, you can open this IPSW file by double-clicking or right-clicking > Open with > iTunes.

iTunes itself can also be used to download IPSW files. Later the IPSW file will be stored in the C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\ folder location.

Because IPSW is basically the same archive format as ISO, you can also open it with archiving software like 7-Zip.

Can I delete the IPSW file?

Yes, if you have used the IPSW file to update Apple devices, you can delete this IPSW file. This is also useful if you want to restore used storage space, considering the size of this file is usually above 1 GB.

Download IPSW File

if you want to use this file and you are confused about how to download the IPSW file you can download the file here

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