How to disable password autofill on iPhone

How to disable password autofill on iPhone

Many applications require the user to enter credentials such as username and password.

How to disable password autofill on iPhone

The iPhone itself has a feature where you can store information in the form of a username and password.

You can use the stored information easily through the AutoComplete function which can automatically fill in the form according to the relevant information. Although it is automatic, this autofill requires Face ID or Touch ID authentication first.

For security reasons, you are considering disabling this AutoComplete feature so that not just anyone can log in with existing information and prevent data leakage.

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Disable Autofill password on iPhone

  • Go to settings.
  • Scroll down until you find the Passwords option.
  • To open this menu, Touch ID or Face ID authentication is required.
  • Tap the Autofill passwords option.
  • Tap (Off) on the Autofill passwords option.
  • done.

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