How To share WhatsApp contacts with QR code

To share WhatsApp contacts with QR code

To make it easier for users to add contacts, WhatsApp offers an option that allows users to share their contacts via a QR code. This method is certainly far more practical than having to enter a contact number manually.

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This article shows you how to share a WhatsApp contact with a QR code.

  • Share WhatsApp contacts with QR code
  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap the Settings option in the bottom right corner.
  • In the contact information, tap the QR code icon on the right.
  • To share your contacts, scan your contact's QR code directly from another mobile phone. Or tap Scan to scan the QR code of another contact. Apart from that, you can also tap the Share option in the top right corner to share them with other apps.

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