How to send handwriting on iPhone

 How to send handwriting on iPhone

How to send handwriting on iPhone

The iPhone has features that can enhance the use of iMessage, such as Animoji, Mimoji, stickers and many more. But there is one feature that is very interesting, which is sending handwriting.

So you can quickly send handwriting directly from iMessage, but you can also apply sound effects when sending hand messages.

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Send handwriting on iPhone

  • Open iMessages.
  • Open the conversation you want to send.
  • Tap the text box to bring up the keyboard.
  • Turn iPhone to landscape mode (for iPad can work in portrait and landscape mode).
  • Tap the "Handwritten" option in the lower right corner.

Write what you want to send or select one below that is already available. Tap Done when you're done, or tap the arrow (>) to write another story.

In addition, you can tap and hold the Send option to create an effect when sending the handwriting.

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