How to restore the app display to full screen iPadOS 16.1

[iPadOS 16.1] How to restore the app display to full screen

Why has my iPad stopped displaying apps in full-screen mode?

If you did a software update to your iPadOS before the app stopped displaying in full screen, it could be because of the 'stage manager' that was introduced in iPadOS 16.1.

This article will show you how to revert back to full screen (full screen) when an app no longer displays in full screen.

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What exactly is the Stage Manager?

The Stage Manager is a feature in iPad OS 16.1, released at the end of October 2022, that manages the iPad's windows.

Until now, the iPad only had Split View, which splits the screen in two, and Slide Over, which overlays a long, narrow window on top of a full-screen app.

The Stage Manager, which was introduced in iPad OS 16.1, allows apps to be positioned on the screen more flexibly than ever before.

You can place two or more apps, plus the sidebar on the left of the screen shows the most recently opened app windows.

Problems and solutions when Stage Manager is switched on

When the stage manager is switched on, the apps are not in full-screen mode by default (default setting), but instead show the sidebar described above and have a smaller window.

There are two things you can do to make it full screen

  • Manually bring the app to full screen
  • Turn off the stage manager.

If you want to use the stage manager functionality, the only way is to manually make the app full-screen.

If you do not need to use the stage manager, it is in many ways simpler to turn off the stage manager itself and revert to the traditional way of displaying the app.

How to manually make an app full screen 

This is the first way to manually make an iPad app window full-screen.

  • Tap the "..." at the top centre of the window.
  • Tap the 'Full screen' button and the app will appear in full-screen mode.

How to manually make an app full screen (2)

The second way to make an app full-screen is to drag the window to change it, which is familiar to computer users.

However, unlike a PC, the iPad cannot grab anything other than the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you want to maximise the window size, drag the brackets at the bottom right of the window to the bottom right

Unlike a computer, windows are not freely resizable. There are several patterns, and you have to choose the size you want by moving the corners of the window.

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Turn off the stage manager

The Stage Manager can be easily switched on and off from the Control Centre. If you don't use the Stage Manager, you may want to turn it off.

If there is no Stage Manager icon in the Control Centre, follow the steps below to turn it on and off or add a Stage Manager switch to the Control Centre.

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll down a little and tap Control Centre
  • Find Stage Manager and tap + next to it
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The Stage Manager will now appear in Control Centre, so you can easily switch the Stage Manager on and off.

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