What is the Difference between Not Disturb and Silent Mode

 What is the Difference between Not Disturb and Silent Mode 

At some point, you might face a situation where you don't want any interruptions from your iPhone - be it notifications, calls, or incoming messages - The iPhone itself offers at least two options that you can utilise, Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb.

Many users are confused about the function of these two features. For that reason, this article will answer the differences between the Silent Mode and Do Not Disturb features.

Difference between Do Not Disturb and Silent Mode on iPhone

Silent Mode

This feature will make the iPhone quieter. Incoming notifications such as calls, messages, apps, emails, etc. will still enter, but will not make notification sounds. However, the iPhone screen will still light up when this notification comes in.

By default, your iPhone will still vibrate when you get a notification during Silent Mode, but you can turn it off via Settings > Sound & Haptics. Then tap (off) on the Vibrate on Silent option.

To switch Silent Mode off or on, you can access the switch (on/off) on the left side of the iPhone screen.

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Do not Disturb

Do not Disturb is an advanced feature of Silent Mode. It offers some advanced settings such as Do not Disturb while Driving.

When Do Not Disturb is on, you will not see or hear incoming notifications. However, all notifications still come in and you can read them.

There are more Do not Disturb settings compared to Silent Mode. You can go to Settings > Do not Disturb, there are many options that you can set as needed.

To turn off or activate Do not Disturb, go to Settings > Do not Disturb then tap (on/off) on the Do not Disturb option. When active, you will see a moon icon on the status bar.

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