How to Playing Hidden Games on Instagram

How to Playing Hidden Games on Instagram

Playing Games on Instagram

Did you know that Instagram has games that you can play? The objective of the game is simple: collect as many points as you can by making sure the ball (or in this case, it's an emoji) stays afloat and keeps bouncing. Similar to games like Retro Ping Pong.

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To access this game, you can access a direct message (DM), then send an emoji and tap the emoji. Then the display will change to a mini-game that you can play immediately.

Next, you just have to make sure that the emoji keeps bouncing, the emoji will move faster as the game progresses.

You need to know, this game will only appear if you only send one emoji in the message. In addition to the emojis you send, emojis you get from other people can also be used to access the game.

This hidden game can certainly be an alternative to your excitement if you are bored scrolling feeds or reels 

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