One-Handed iPhone Typing: Easy as 1-2-3!

Practical and Efficient, Here's How to Type on iPhone with One Hand

How to Type on iPhone with One Hand - Of course, it is a difficult thing when faced with a situation where you have to type with one hand on the iPhone while traveling, especially if you use the iPhone Pro or Pro Max series which incidentally has a large screen.

For example, when you are on the road and can only type with your right hand, of course, it is difficult for the thumb to press the Q, W, or E keys in the upper left corner of the keyboard. Similarly, when you can only type with your left hand.

Fortunately, the iPhone has a feature to make the keyboard display tend to be more left or right as desired. So that users can efficiently type with one hand.

One-Handed iPhone Typing: Easy as 1-2-3!

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Picking on iPhone with One Hand

  • Open the application you want, such as WhatsApp
  • When you start typing and your keyboard appears, tap and hold the Globe option in the bottom-left corner
  • Tap the keyboard position option you want
After that, you will find the keyboard display slightly shifted according to the selected side.

When you're done and want to restore the keyboard to its usual appearance, do the same or tap the > (right) or < (left) arrows on the side of the keyboard.

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