Unlock iPhone Secret Calculator Power (Scientific Mode!)

How to Use Scientific Calculator on iPhone

The Calculator application on the iPhone is indeed very helpful if you need simple calculations such as subtraction, multiplication, addition, and division.

However, you may need to use a calculator for more complex tasks such as calculating exponential functions, percentages, or algorithms. If so, then you need to use Scientific mode.

Fortunately, the iPhone's default calculator application has a Scientific mode, how to access it is fairly easy, but it takes a little trick to display it. You can read more about this article.

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How to Use Scientific Calculator

  • Access Control Center by swiping from the top right corner to the bottom.
  • Tap (Off) on the Portrait Orientation Lock option. Later the following information will appear: Portrait Orientation Lock: Off.
  • Open the Calculator app.
  • Position iPhone horizontally by rotating the screen 90 degrees.

Once that's done, the calculator app will spin up and you'll find more different calculation options.

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