4 Ways to Update Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7

Windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft. But sometimes we need updates to some applications in windows 7 that are very important for our daily work.

Windows 7 is a windows operating system that is still used by many pc users but is no longer supported by microsoft updates.

Well the problem now is the support of windows updates that are no longer accepted by windows 7.

Updates in the windows 7 operating system will help you solve some issues such as security gaps and windows system issues.

But for those of you who still use the windows 7 operating system and failed to update the Internet Exploler Browser.

This results in you not being able to sign in to your office 365 account so you can't activate Microsoft Office 365 and you can't use microsoft's word processing app.

So after being found out to login office 365 we have to use this built-in windows browser that is Internet Exploler.

But because we used to use other browsers such as chrome and firefox browser so that the IE browser becomes forgotten.

This results in us not being able to use IE which has now been updated to IE 11 to login microsoft office 365 activation.

But you do not worry because newbie will give you easy steps how to update the Internet Exploler 11 in the operating system windows 7.

How to update IE 11

For you to know if there are several ways for you to update the IE 11 browser on the windows 7 operating system pc.

And all the ways that newbies will give this you can do so that you can login for Office 365 activation.

1. Update from Internet Explorer browser

The first way is very easy for you to do. The trick is to update directly from the Internet Explorer browser on your laptop or computer.

For the steps you can see it below.

For the first step you just open Internet Explorer on your laptop and pc.

Go to a gear-like setting and then go to about internet Explorer

 Enable the check in install new version automatically


2. Update via windows update

In addition to the above methods, you can also update your internet explorer through automatic updates of windows systems.

For how you just activate the windows system update first and later you just restart your laptop or pc and automatically update running by itself.

Make sure you are not in urgent work, because windows updates cannot be canceled.

And if forced then your windows system will crash and you can not login to your windows 7 operating system.

3. Manual update

In addition to the above methods, you can update your internet explorer manual, how? You can tell you how easy it is.

You can simply download internet explorer 11 first on your windows and run the installation process until it is complete.

If when you update your internet explorer you are asked to download another application. You can download the application raw in the internet explorer 11 download patch and install it on your computer

4. Switch to microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer is no longer supported. You can change your default browser to microsoft's newest browser, Microsoft Edge.

To update it is very easy and you just download the latest Microsoft Edge application and install it on your windows system.

You can download microsoft edge and once installed you can install it on your pc and laptop

It is recommended that you diligently update the windows 7 operating system so that the system running on windows can run properly.

Above are the steps 4 How to Update Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7 that you must do so that your office and windows system run properly.

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