10 Ways to Fix iPhone Can't Download Apps

 iPhone can not download whatsapp and can not install the application is often happening when you are in need of the application you want to download.

10 Ways to Fix iPhone Can't Download Apps

When you need an app on your iPhone, you know you can't install it.

This often happens and is experienced by iPhone smartphone users with the iOS operating system.

Many things cause this to happen such as installing games on the iPhone can not be installed or you want to install the application but your iPhone suddenly not responding.

The application on the iPhone can be obtained by accessing an application with the name iTunes.

All the apps you need are in this iTunes app.

But there are some things that cause you can not update the application in itunes let alone install a new application.

iPhone can't download apps

There are several things that cause the iPhone can not install the application and to overcome it you just do the steps  

1. iTunes Login

Before you want to download the app to your iPhone, it's a good thing for you to first login using the email and iTunes password that you have registered.

For the iTune list you can visit the https://appleid.apple.com/id website and please register the email address and also the password you want to use.

After you have registered your email address. The next step is to go to the iTunes app and enter the email address and password that you have created.

2. Updata manual

On your iPhone you can manually update your app if your iPhone app automatically updates.

To do so you just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Tap the profile icon at the top of the screen
  3.  Roll down to see pending updates and app release notes.
  4.  Tap update next to the app you want to update the app for.

 3. Check payment methods

Try checking your payment method

You can check if you need to have a saved payment method to download the app you want, even if it's free.

Check the payment method you use and make sure the method is not expired, rejected, or failed.

If you can't update the app and the message "Your account is deactivated in the App Store".

There may be problems with your payment method and you can contact Apple support for help.

4. Re-download

When you press and hold the app on the home screen, you may be able to see further options in download,downloaded, or downloaded in cancel.

If you download an app from your iTunes in pause, tap the app and continue the process of downloading your app.

If the process stops then you can tap the app, touch and hold the app again and then press continue downloading.

5. Delete Videos and Photos

You can try to delete photos stored in your iPhone gallery, this is because the iPhone does not have external memory like android.

So all videos and photos will definitely be stored in the internal memory of the same iPhone where for the iPhone app.

Try to delete some photos so that the process of downloading the application on the iPhone can run normally again. 

 6. Restart iPhone

You can try to restart or restart your iPhone and you can try again to install the application you want to use.

Usually how to restart the iPhone can help you to install applications that you can not install because of full memory problems.

7. Check the internet network

When you can't install the app on your iPhone, check whether your iPhone is connected to the internet or not.

Check if your data plan still exists or your home internet network has an internet connection.

8. Disable Restriction Feature

To disable this feature you can open the general > setting, then disable restrictions on your phone.

If this feature is needed then make sure you use (allow) "installing Apps" so that you can still install applications from the App Store.

9. Disable Automatic App Update feature

Just open the settings > iTunes & App Store, and disable "Apps" and "updates" from the list.

This method serves to prevent the application and its updates from being downloaded automatically or without you knowing it.

10. Reset iPhone

If the above methods don't work, then try to restore your iPhone from iTunes.

After the restore process is complete, you may need to reset the iPhone as a new device because all the configurations in it are still built-in or standard.

But this method will make the data on your iPhone lost, so before you do this way. It's good to back up your important data first.

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