10 Ways How to Screenshot in Windows 10

Screenshoot in windows 10 is a way to take pictures on the laptop screen so that your laptop screen can be used on a blog or as a source of learning.


Suppose if you are in an online class and you find the material you want to save.

You can use the Printscreen facility to capture images of the laptop screen or computer screen you are using.

For those of you who are a blogger who wants to display images of your computer screen for a tutorial.

This method you can also use to capture the images you use.

How do you screenshot on a windows 10 laptop?

Previously I have also made a tutorial article how to capture the screen screen screen android phone that you can read the steps.

And in my article this time I will give fellow newbies a way to printscreen your computer screen and laptop screen that uses the windows 10 operating system.

How to screenshot in windows 10

1. Press the printscreen or PrtScn button

The first way you can use to capture the screen of your laptop using Windows 10 is to press the PrtScn key or printscreen button on the keyboard you are using.

By pressing the keys on the laptop keyboard, the entire display screen will be automatically caught and entered into the clipboard on the computer.

But there are some laptops that require you to press the Fn button to be able to use this feature.

But how to screenshot windows 10 without this application does not directly save the image of the computer screen you capture but you have to use the next step.

To display the image you captured, you can open the Microsoft Paint app, and then right-click select paste.

Later the screenshot will be muncuk and then you can save it by clicking the floppy logo at the top left.

2. Alt + Print Screen

If in the previous way you will capture the entire screen, in the next step you can capture it by screenshot of windows 10 on a computer with a keyboard for only windows that are active.

For how you just press the Alt + Printscreen key

This you can use to do screenshots of important things when you are opening many windows in windows.

To display it you can use the microsoft pain application and store it on your hard drive.

3. Win + Printscreen

The next combination is with the combination of Windows + Print Screen keys with this key combination you can directly save the results of your computer screen photos to the screenshot folder.

This way you no longer need to open the Microsoft Paint application and in the folder you will get pictures with .png

4. Win + H

In Windows 10 you can directly open your screenshot and go directly to it using a specific application.

The trick you can simply press the windows + H key combination and then this key combination will screenshot the active window and will bring up a dialog box to open the image in other applications.

5. Windows + Shift + s

With this combination of buttons later you can capture the screen more in accordance with your wishes.

By pressing the button, the display will become darker and the krusor will change to the Plus logo.

You can just click and drag to capture the display of the screen according to the area you want.

Later this screen display will be stored in the clipboard and to open it you can use the microsoft paint application and save it. 

6. Snipping tool

Snipping tool facility has been around since we use the windows 10 operating system, How to screenshoot in windows 10 laptop you can do without you have to remember many key combinations.

You can use this application to capture the screen display according to the area you want and not only that the selection that you have captured you can crop back if felt less appropriate.

You can also add posts in your screenshots with snipping tools so you can easily explain and be easily understood.

8. Game Bar

Windows 10 has its own features that gammers can use to screenshot their laptop screen or computer screen.

In Windows 10 you can open the Xbox app, and then open the settings menu and press the DVR game tab.

After that, you can check the box that says "record game clips and screenshot using GAME DVR"

Next, while running a game, you can simply press the Windows + G key combination.

When the overlay appears pop up as a menu that you can choose. You can choose a camera icon to capture the appearance of the game in the form of images.

This feature can run in xbox games and apps and the results can be seen in the Video /Capture folder.

9. With the Free GreenShot app

In addition to the built-in application from windows 10 for you can do a screenshoot of the laptop screen you use.

You can also use a third-party application with the name GreenShot that you can use to capture the display screen and store it on your computer's hard drive.

In addition, this application is free by having many complete features that you can use in Windows 10.

For how to see screenshots on windows 10 laptops you can see them in the picture folder or defaul on the desktop of your laptop screen. 

10. Apowersoft screen capture pro

In addition to the free application that is ok, you can also screenshot in windows 10 by using the paid application Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro.

This application is a paid application with features and facilities that are very complete so you can use it to capture the screen and edit it directly easily.

All of the above methods you can use for screenshots with in windows 10.

This way it can make it easier for you to capture all the important information and store it on your computer.

So long ago newbie article this time with the title 10 Ways to Screenshot in Windows 10.

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