100% work. 7 Steps to Fix Printer Error 0x0000011b in Windows 10

After the windows 10 update sometimes you get an error message 0x0000011b when you want to try printing on the printer in printer sharing or printer server.

100% work. 7 Steps to Fix Printer Error 0x0000011b


 Error notifications 0x0000011b usually appear suddenly when you want to try to print a document to a printer server.

But this can be very annoying if you don't know how to cope or you just let it go.

This message will usually appear when we try to connect to a printer server that has a windows 10 or windows 7 operating system.

And sometimes we get irritated because we don't know how to fix and overcome this error message.

Cause of 0x0000011b error code

There are several things that cause the appearance of error messages 0x0000011b and usually this error message will appear if you want to print to a server printer that has the operating system windows 10.

100% work. 7 Steps to Fix Printer Error 0x0000011b

The error message 0x0000011b appears when your windows 10 operating system has finished updating to windows kb5005565 update.

The cause of the 0x0000011b error is a bug contained in the windows update KB5005565 so that before your computer is updated, this problem does not appear.

Your laptop or computer that has not been updated with the KB5005565 update does not experience this.

How to Resolve 0x0000011b Errors

There is the most powerful way to overcome you can not print to printer sharing whose printer server uses the operating system windows 10

The trick is to uninstall the KB5005565 update on a pc that becomes a printer server or a pc sharing the printer.

The steps are in the following way.

  1. Open the Control panel in windows
  2. Go to the And Features Program
  3. Click view installed updated
  4. You can look for the latest updates before the printer experiences 0x0000011b error problem, namely code KB5005565
  5. Right-click on KB5005565
  6. Then click uninstall and wait until the process is complete.
  7. The last process you can click restart now to continue the uninstall process and wait until the process is complete. 

The process of uninstalling this update will take a long time and adjust to the specifications of your computer.

So please wait and do not turn off the laptop or pc before the process is complete so that your windows operating system does not experience problems.

And when you're done you try to reconnect your printer and your sharing printer you can use it again.

Update windows operating system itself can indeed help its users to improve and add features in the OS.

But no problem this can even bring bugs that cause errors 0x0000011b on the system. 

The next step so that you can overcome this error is to wait for the next update but this will take a long time.

The 0x0000011b error message did not occur long ago because the kb5005565 update issue just appeared in September 2021.

Not only users from Indonesia are experiencing this problem, even in microsoft forums are also busy talking about the latest windows 10 update.

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