6 Way How to Resolve Office 365 Error "Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem"

 The error message "Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem" in Microsoft office 2013 and Microsoft office 2016 sometimes likes to happen for some reason.

Some time you who have office 365 accounts versions of Office 2013 and 2016 must have problems.

Where your office 365 license is not active so you have to re-login using your password and also your office 365 user.

For problems that occur slightly differently where you find a blank screen in office 365 version 2013 and the error message "Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem" for office 365 office 2016.

To solve microsoft office 365 problems such as above newbie will give you the right ways to overcome this problem. 

which caused the "Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem"

Surely you also want to know what caused your office 365 you can not login or you get the message Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem

If you experience the error message above there is a possibility that the port used by Microsoft Office 365 is blocked so that office 365 cannot access the server.

Or there is also a possibility if your internet network blocks office 365 access which causes the emergence of this error message.

But it turns out there are several things that cause sorry we are having some temporary server problem error message as below.

  1. Internet connection disconnected
  2. Antivirus that blocks office 365 ports
  3. Office 365 files corrupted due to virus

How to fix Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem error in office 365

1. Check the Hours and Dates

For the first step you can try to see and improve the date and hours on your laptop and computer.

If the hours and dates on the computer or laptop do not match the hours and dates that are on microsoft office 365 servers.

Then you will get office unlicencs messages and you are asked to activate your office 365 license by logging in.

This condition can be improved by changing the clock and date according to today's date. 

2. Run as administrator

You can run microsoft office applications in administrator mode and this method can handle the problem of Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem.

To run it you can do it by right-clicking one of the microsoft office applications such as MSWORD and then clickIng Run As Administrator

Once it can be run, you can activate your Microsoft Office again and see if the Sorry We Are Having Some Temporary Server Problem message exists.

3. Disable Two-Factor Authentication

If you're using an email address as a step to enable a Microsoft Office license, you're required to turn off two-step authentication to enable microsoft office licenses.

To disable it you just do the steps below

  1. Sign in to a Microsoft account via webrowser
  2. Go to manage the page. If you are not already logged in you will need to re-login to your account.
  3. Inside the page, scroll down to the Two-step verification section
  4. Click disable two-step verification
  5. Later there will be a popup to confirm if you really want to disable this feature.

And with the above steps you've already disciped two-step security in your Microsoft account.

Open microsoft office and you can enter the activation code and do the next steps.

4. Disable firewall

If you have an antivirus with a firewall facility, you can disable the firewall to fix this problem.

There is a possibility that the firewall blocks connections that come out of microsoft office applications, run the antivirus you have and then disable the firewall or you can disable it briefly.

5. Use the support and recovery wizard application

Microsoft office 365 has a support and revocery wizard to help you identify microsoft office 365 that has activation issues.

You can use this application by downloading it first here and install it on the computer you are using.

Next you can choose the microsoft office 365 menu and automatically this application will fix the office 365 application and give you the best solution.

6. Contact Microsoft Office Support

If the above methods don't work and you still can't activate your office 365 account license, then the best step you can do is contact microsoft support and he will help you by phone or remotely.

If you are already supported and it does not succeed then you can wait a day or two and if microsoft office is damaged then microsoft will fix it via email. 

7. Update to Internet Explorer 11

Next is that you really need to update your internet explorer application to version 11 which is the latest version in Windows 7.

For the update you can follow the steps in How to Update Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 7

After you update you can restart and try to re-login the office 365 application that you have

8. Office 365 update

If you are using windows 7 and when you want to use microsoft office applications get the message above.

You can also try to update your Office 365 application to the latest version that you can download here.

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