3 Ways How to Update iOS Updates on iPhone With The Latest OS

The latest iPhone to iOS update is mandatory if you want the iOS operating system that you use safe and avoid bugs and malware.

3 Ways How to Update iOS Updates on iPhone With The Latest OS

Operating system updates are required so that your operating system is always maintained security system.

Including the iPhone security system that you use so that the security of your phone is always maintained.

Please note if iOS is an operating system that runs on iPhone devices and always gets updates.

Apple is known to be very diligent to share updates on the devices they use. 

Even iPhone devices that are over 5 years old still get the latest generation of iOS updates.

Currently Apple itself already has the latest generation of iOS and there are even some features that they develop very similar to the features on android phones.

In addition to the latest iOS updates bringing new features, iOS usually also brings bug fixes and security. So, you can minimize user privacy or security issues.

For new users, maybe you will experience confusion to know how to update iOS. But you don't worry because newbie will give you steps how to update iOS.

Incidentally newbie is looking for a way to update iOS iPhone 6 to iOS 14 but it is likely that iPhone 6 can only update until iOS 12.

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1. How to update iOS Manual

For this first way you will get update notifications available, tap install now or you can follow the steps below.

  1. Attach power cable to hp
  2. Connect to WIFI
  3. Go to the general > setting
  4. Select Software Update
  5. Select Download and install
  6. Select Install Tab
  7. If you ask, you can enter a passcode.

If you are asked to remove the app temporarily because for updates you need more space. You can tab continue or cancel.

Later, iOS will reinstall the application that we deleted if you choose tap cancel, then you can learn the next action.

If you want to update now, you can tap install. Or you can tap later and choose to install even the day.

If you choose install tonight, plug the device to power before you go to bed. Your iOS device will update automatically at night. 

2. Automatic iOS updates

In addition to the manual way as above you can also update iOS in an automatic way at night while you sleep.

To enable automatic updates, you can follow the steps below

Please go to the General > settings > software updates > adjust automatic updates.

Next you can turn on Install iOS updates automatically.

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3. Manual updates with iTunes

If you can't update using wifi access, you can update your iOS manually using your computer or laptop at home.

If your computer uses private internet access, you can connect your pc to the internet network in your home.

For how to update iOS you can follow the steps below

  1. Open iTunes on pc
  2. Connect the device to a PC with a usb cable
  3. Find your computer.
  4. Click general or settings, and then click check for updates
  5. Click download and update
  6. If requested, you can enter your iTunes passcode.

The above is a way that you can do to update the iOS operating system on your iPhone phone that you have.

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