How to Reset Fix Epson L380 Printer Flicker error

The Epson L385 printer resetter application is needed when the printer errors flickering in the Ink LED section as well as the Paper LED.

 How to Reset Fix Epson L380 Printer Flicker error

How to Reset Fix Epson L380 Printer Flicker error - Usually the users of epson brand printers must be familiar with flicker errors in the Ink LED indicator and also paper in epson printers.

Resetter itself is an application that is used to reset the ink pad counter quickly and is also very easy to do.

To reset the epson printer you need a software adjustment program to resolve alternating flicker errors in the printer indicator.

You also reset using the reset application so that the counter in the printer's storage memory returns to the zero position so that the printer can be re-used.

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Download resetter Epson L385

For those who have difficulty getting a download link resetter printer epson L385 newbie will give you a place to download resetter epson l385 for free.

You can download resetter printer epson L385 printer resetter first before we continue the epson printer reset tutorial.

After the application we download, you do not need to do the installation because this application is a portable application.

This epson printer resetter will be detected as a virus but you do not worry because the epson printer resetter is safe and you can temporarily turn off your antivirus.

How to Reset Epson L385 Printer

For friends who want to fix epson printers that experience paper LED problems and flashing ink LEDs then you have to download the epson printer resetter first.

Once you download it, you can follow the steps below.

Extrak file resetter epson L385 to your computer.

Run Reset_L385_Adjprog with run as administrator

Temporarily turn off antivirus if this application is detected as a computer virus

Select the select port menu and adjust the modern and port according to the printer type or you can also choose the auto selection option.

How to Reset Fix Epson L380 Printer Flicker error 

Click the Particular Adjustment Mode menu for the next step

Select The Waste Ink Pad Counter option and click OK or double click Waste Ink Pad Counter.

Cheklist main pad Counter then click check

Will appear window when the button is clicked, counter will be intialized, confirm ok

How to Reset Fix Epson L380 Printer Flicker error 

Checklist back to play pad counter then klick Intialize, then confirm OK and will appear command dialog to turn off the printer.

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Turn off and restart the epson printer and then the printer reset process will be completed and you successfully reset the Epson l380 LED flashing printer.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title How to Reset Fix Epson Printer L380 Flicker error. 

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