How to Use Joox App on Android Phone

Nowadays you can listen to music easily through a wide variety of platforms. This application if in the Google Playstore is referred to as a music player.

One such music player app is Joox. Through the Joox application, you can later listen to music, karaoke and even podcasts easily.

Curious about Joox and want to know how to use it? Here I will explain it in full.

What is Joox?

Joox is one of the most widely used music player applications in Indonesia. The name Joox itself actually comes from the word "Jukebox" which means automatic song player machine.

On Joox, you can not only search and listen to songs easily. But there are also various interesting features, such as podcasts, karaoke, recommend playlists and others.

In addition, this Joox application already supports multi-platform. Can be used via HP (iOS & Android), PC (Windows & MacOS) and directly from the official website.

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How to Use Joox

If you are used to using other music players such as Spotify, you should not be confused when you want to try Joox. Here's how to use it:

How to Register for a Joox Account

If you are a new user of Joox, the first step to do is to register for an account first. Here you need a mobile number as well as an active email.

Here's how to sign up for a Joox account:

  • Open the Joox app first.
  • Choose how to register for Joox account, for example here I choose via Email.
  • Enter the active email and tap the Next button.
  • If you have, enter your username and password and tap Log In.
  • Next check the email and verify until a notification appears as follows.
  • Go back to the Joox app and tap the Verified button? Log In Now.
  • Find some favorite artists to recommend to the homepage.
  • Choose a Favorite Genre as well if needed.
  • If you have, you will be directly directed to the user dashboard page as follows.
  • Done

Searching for Songs

In Joox, there are actually already song recommendations that you can choose, starting from based on the artist or genre you like. But of course, you can also look for other songs if you want. Here's how:
  • Tap the search tab in the Joox taskbar.
  • Then type the artist's name as you wish and tap to select it.
  • The songs of the artist you are looking for will appear according to your wishes. If you want to listen to it first, you can tap one of the songs.
  • Done

Add it to Playlists

Joox has a playlist feature that you can use. 

Through this feature, you can add various song titles that you like, so that they can be played automatically.

Here's how to add the song to the playlist:
  • Tap the Library tab in the Joox taskbar.
  • Then select the Add to Playlist menu.
  • Type the playlist name as you wish and tap Done.
  • Then tap the Add Songs button.
  • Find the song you want to put in the Playlist. For example, here I chose a song from joox Indonesia Top 100 recommendation.
  • Select the song you like and tap Done.
  • Later the selected song will appear on Joox's playlist. Finish.

Displaying Song Lyrics

One of the interesting things in Joox, is that there is a feature to display the lyrics of songs you like. 

So if you don't memorize, you don't need to browse anymore. Just open this feature. 

Here's how:
  • First select the song you want to see the lyrics to.
  • Then tap the small Song Lyrics column on the music dashboard.
  • Later this column will be expanded and bring up all the song lyrics from the music played.
  • Done.

Change Song Mode

Besides being able to display lyrics, in Joox you can also change the mode as you wish. 

The trick is that you just have to tap the Mode icon at the bottom.

Until now, there are already 3 song modes on Joox that you can try, namely:
  • Random Play Mode
  • One Play Mode
  • Replay Mode
Joox is one of the applications on android phones that you can use to listen to new songs online.

All the songs available here you can listen to unless the song requires you to be a paid member first.

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