2 Ways How to Use Spotlight Feature in Zoom From PC and Phone

When you want to hold a seminar, workshop, meeting or so on using Zoom, you should consider using the Spotlight feature.

This spotlight feature in Zoom will have certain benefits later. Because you can set which speakers will be given a special screen for them to speak during the event.

For those who want to know more about the spotlight feature in Zoom and how to use it, here I will explain.

What is spotlight feature?

Spotlight in Zoom is a feature that serves to allow you as a host to choose multiple speakers to highlight during a meeting.

The purpose highlighted here, is to make some speakers get a special screen or wider. So that meeting participants can focus on seeing and listening to some of these speakers.

The spotlight feature in Zoom can be used in the PC or Android version of Zoom. And what can give this spotlight access is only you who act as a Host or Co-Host.

For information, currently the number of speakers who can be given spotlight is up to 9 people. Later, all participants can see 9 speakers who are active speakers at the event.

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How to Spotlight on Zoom PC

Well, for those of you who don't know what the spotlight feature is in Zoom and how to use it, here I will explain the guide.

A little note, make sure the Zoom application you have updated to the latest version. Then make sure you have made a meeting room with speakers and with participants.

Here's how to use the spotlight feature on Zoom PC:

  • Make sure you are already in the Zoom meeting room, and then click More on one of the participants who wants to be given a spotlight.
  • Later there will be several options, please select Spotlight for Everyone.
  • Click Continue to continue the spotlight process.
  • Later the participants given will get a notification, please tap Unmute to be able to make a sound.
  • Then as a Host, please click Remove Spotlight if you want to remove highlights from certain sources.

How to Spotlight on Android Zoom

In addition to Zoom PC, this spotlight feature is also available on Zoom Android.

For the way it is more or less similar. As long as the participant who wants to be used as a resource person has turned on the camera or speakers only.

Here's how to use it:

  • Make sure you've created a meeting room in Zoom, then tap the Participants tab.
  • Find and tap The participant you want to give the spotlight feature.
  • Later there will be several menus, please select the Spotlight Video option.
  • After that, participants will get a spotlight notification. Please click the Unmute Myself button to activate the speaker.

On Zoom Android, you can also access Remove Spotlight to remove sources from the spotlight.

The function of the zoom spotlight feature is to highlight 1 to 9 participants who will be one of the active speakers in the meeting room.

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This feature is very important so that the speakers can be focused on. 

Very suitable for us to use if we are meeting with a number of people with many sources

If you as a zoom host are busy, you can add a co-host in the zoom, and ask the co-host to set a spotlight that is tailored to your needs.

For how to do it is the same as the way above

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