4 Ways How to Lock Apps on iPhone

Data on a sensitive iPhone you can secure by using the locking application on your iPhone.

4 Ways How to Lock Apps on iPhone

How to Lock Apps On iPhone - On android phones there are indeed many applications to use an application so that it can not be easily opened.

But what about on the iPhone, does the iPhone with the iOS operating system also have a security application like this?

To protect data that can be said to be very sensitive, the iPhone also has an app that you can use to lock the application.

There are various ways to lock apps on your iPhone that you can use to ensure that others can't access data from your phone.

Like one of them is restrictions to Touch ID that you can use as an iPhone security feature.

And also the various features that exist in the iPhone are very useful to keep the security of the iPhone from irresponsible hands.

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How to lock an app on an iPhone

For those of you who have a variety of important data on your iPhone. And you want to secure your data from people who want to steal it.

There are several methods that you can use so that the data on your phone is safe and not easy to steal.

You can use the built-in features of the iPhone or you can use third-party apps that you can install from iTunes.

1. Restrictions

Restrictions is an iPhone security feature that makes it easy for iPhone users to lock the apps that iPhone users want.

Apps that can be locked using this feature are Gallery, Podcasts, Instagram, and several other applications.

To use the Restrictions app to drive the app you can use the steps below

  • Open the settings menu on your iPhone, then select general options
  • Tap the Restictions option
  • Select anable restrictions, then enter the passcode you have
  • After activating the Restrictions menu you can then select the application you want to lock

Later the selected application will be locked so that no one can access by others. To open it the user must enter the passcode first.

2. Touch ID

The iPhone also presents a Touch ID feature that can be used to protect applications from being used by just anyone.

The app also requires a passcode to lock and open the app.

How to use this app feature you can follow the steps below

Run settings on iPhone

  • Swipe down to search for Touch ID & Passcode menu
  • Enter a passcode for the device
  • Select Add Fingerprint, then paste the finished fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor several times while following the steps given
  • Touch ID successfully enabled

After activating the Touch ID feature, the next stage is to lock the application using this feature in a way that.

  • Go to the settings menu, select Touch ID & Passcode
  • Select the app you want to lock by touching the slider until it is actively green
  • Selected applications can only be accessed using passcode or fingerprint.

If you use the locking feature on this iPhone you can only secure iTunes Apple Pay, and the App Store.

Other apps like Instagram or Facebook can't be locked in this way.

3. iProtect

Another way to lock apps on an iPhone is to use iProtect which is a third-party app available on Cydia and can be downloaded for free.

With iProtect, various types of applications on the iPhone can be locked so that they cannot be accessed carelessly by others.

To use iProtect, follow the steps below

  • Download and install iProtect on iPhone
  • Once installed, run the application.
  • Enable locking by sliding the enabled button
  • Next, determine the choice that will be used to lock the application, both in the form of a password and fingerprint.
  • After setting the passcode, select the application you want to lock and then press save
  • Selected apps will be locked

iProtect can help you to lock applications individually and to unlock, use the password or fingerprint you have created.

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4. Applocker

Applocker is one of the third-party applications that you can use to lock the application on your iPhone phone.

Although the location is the same as the iProtect application, AppLocker has the advantage of locking homescreen layouts, photos and folders.

For how to use it you can follow the steps below

  1. Install the AppLocker app on iPhone devices
  2. Once installed, run the AppLocker app
  3. Go to the settings menu, then tap the ON button
  4. Set the password you want to use to access the unlocked application
  5. Once the password is specified you can choose the application, photo, folder, or file you want to secure.

How to use the appLocker application is very easy and if you want to unlock the application, you can use the password that has been set before.

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