FTP Can't Open On WIndows Exploler, Here's How to Solve It

 Ftp is a port that we often use to send a file that we have through a computer with the operating system windows, linux or mac os by using network media or internet media. 

 FTP Tidak Dapat Terbuka Pada WIndows Exploler, Ini Cara Mengatasinya

FTP Can't Open On WIndows Exploler, Here's How to Solve It - Many internet users who use this facility for the purposes of transferring files between computers with other computers located on cable networks or wireless networks, because of its convenience.

FTP is often used in offices and government agencies as one of the means of exchanging files and data between computer users.

Ftp or under another name file transfer protocol is very much useful, but what if one day there is a user or users can not access ftp from windows explorer on the computer they have.
There will be a lot of difficulties they face in accessing the files they need.

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Problems with ftp

But sometimes when we want to use ftp facilities on our computers, there are obstacles that we face, one of which is when we want to open ftp on windows explorer on the computer we use, automatically the files on ftp can not open on windows explorer, but open on the browser we have.

With the opening of ftp on the browser, the conveniences that ftp has on windows explorer will not be enjoyed when we open ftp on the browser on the computer we have, because of the limitations contained in the browser, we will experience many difficulties in using ftp facilities on the computer we have. 

One of the difficulties is that we can not directly upload important files that we have directly from the browser we install on our computer.

 How to solve this problem

The problem is very annoying for us of course, where we need to upload files to the ftp directory but we can not open the ftp system on our system, but the open even browser that leads to the ftp system that we have.

To solve the problem where the ftp system that we have can not open on windows explorer then we can use the script below:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:File Transfer Protocol"
"Source Filter"="{E436EBB6-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770}"
"URL Protocol"=""

How to use the script above is very easy, we just copy the script above to notepad and save the notepad file with .reg, for example by the name of ftp_fix.reg, or you can download it at this link.

 Download Script HERE

Just run the file that we have created or we downloaded, then we can again open the ftp system on our network the existing windows explorer finger, so the conveniences that used to leave us, because the ftp system file on our system has open only on the browser in our browser.

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Well this is the way I do to fix the ftp system that can not be opened from our computer explorer windows, hopefully this article I provide is useful for you and if my article is useful for you, then I do not forbid to disseminate this article on social media that you have. Thank you for reading this article.

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