9 Tips for Dealing with Google Unusual Traffic Detected Notifications

We've been blocked by Google because of unnatural activity and we have to enter a capcha to fix it.

 8 Tips for Dealing with Google Unusual Traffic Detected Notifications - Google is the most widely used search engine by internet users around the world.

Even this search engine is used by workers in the field of SEO for them to compete for the blog they manage to appear on page one of google.

Those who want their blog to appear on the first page of Google usually like to use all means even using paid applications.

Usually the application they use likes to make you who both use Google as a search engine display warnings of unnatural activity and you have to enter a captcha so you can use google.

Actually all you need to do is type and press the search button then you will be redirected to the captcha page, here you will get the message that there is unnatural traffic on our computer.

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Causes of Google's Unusual Traffic

1. Repeated requests

The first thing that happens is that google sends a request repeatedly, or we search for the same information repeatedly in the search box in a short period of time.

This is what causes Google to detect our activities as robots, not humans. One example is that we type the same keyword over and over again.

2. Suspicious IP Address

Google can detect the IP address you use to access google.com, even if you share the connection on other devices such as using hotspots, this message will still appear.

3. Suspicious browser

Browsers can also be considered suspicious by Google because there is a possibility that the browser we use is considered spam by Google.

4. Frequent use of search widgets

Usually our browser like Firefox has a google search widget so we no longer need to type the address www.google.com manually in the address bar.

This is what causes Google to recognize this as one of the unnatural traffic by google.

If we get an unnatural traffic warning by Google, then inevitably we must always fill in a captcha so that we can use Google as a search engine.

This is to prove that those who currently access Google are not robots but ourselves.

How to get rid of unnatural traffic alerts

If you get this message don't panic just yet, because we can solve this problem very easily.

Before you follow the steps that newbies will give, you should back up your bookmarks in their entirety, or can backup manually.

Clear Cache

For the first way, you can do it by clear cache, cookies, and passwords in your browser.

This step is to eliminate the cache that Google thinks can interfere with the system they use.

Change browser

If the above steps you can't use as well, it's a good thing you try to change the browser you are currently using.

Browser update

Browsers that are never updated also cause Google to send to you requests for unnatural activity.

So preferably when there is a recent browser update, you also do a browser update on your device.

Enter Captcha

By correctly entering the Captcha provided by Google when you get unnatural activity.

Then google will eliminate this notification because google's system will assume if google access is right humans are not robots. 

Do not use automatic search tools

Usually people who are just learning internet marketing will use some tools and one of those tools is there to do a search on Google.

You can use your activities on this one or no longer use the application to do searches on Google en masse.

Check for viruses

The thing that causes you to get an unnatural activity message is because there is unnatural traffic that always accesses google.

Check your computer with antivirus who knows there is a virus that nangkring on the computer that always accesses to google sites.

Not using a VPN

VPNs are sometimes also considered by Google as one that causes you to get unnatural activity.

It is recommended that you delete or not access the internet using a VPN so that you no longer get google unnatural connection messages.

Browser extension

Sometimes the browser extension you use can also cause unnatural google activity and to overcome it is to delete the application you installed in your browser. 

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Restart Modem

The last thing you can do if you get an unnatural activity message from Google is to restart the modem you use.

If all of the above methods do not work there is a possibility that Google has considered that the PUBLIC IP you use is dirty and considered as IP Spam.

How to overcome this is to ask to change your public internet IP to provider internet if you use Static IP or if using DYNAMIC IP you can just restart modem and wait a few minutes and then turn it back on.

If you use dynamic IP then automatically then your PUBLIC IP will change automatically.

The above you can do so that you no longer get unnatural connection messages or unusual traffic errors that you get when accessing Google.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title 9 Ways to Overcome Google Unnatural Activities

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