How to Open Whatsapp Web On 4 PCs Using One Phone Number

Open 1 whatsapp at 2 pc simultaneously now you can even open 1 whatsapp at 3 pc simultaneously by using whatsapp web.

How to Open Whatsapp Web On 4 PCs Using One Phone Number


Whatsapp is the number 1 messaging application that is also widely downloaded and used by android and iPhone smartphone owners.

Whatsapp can be an option as a replacement for SMS for your phone.

So far, whatsapp application must be downloaded by every smartphone user around the world.

In addition to being able to send messages, we can also use the whatsapp application to send documents, make calls, video calls, even send the location where we are.

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Whatsapp can also be opened on pcs and laptops as long as we are connected to the internet network by accessing the web.whatsapp.com site to open whatsapp web on a laptop.

How to Open Whatsapp Web On 4 PCs Using One Phone Number


But did you know if now we can open the whatsapp application at 4 pc at the same time even though our phone does not have internet access.

This new whatsapp feature can only be enjoyed on the whatsapp application beta version and has not been officially launched by whatsapp.

And multi-device support on whatsapp is now available for users of whatsapp beta version on Android and iOS and also whatsapp Business beta version.

But the connected devices using this vitur are only 4 computers and laptops only so it is still in a limited number.

Even more interesting than this vitur, you can use this vitur even though our smart posel disconnected internet connection.

So we can now open whatsapp web on pc without using a mobile phone that disconnected the data connection.

Suppose when we are chatting with friends but suddenly the internet connection on our phone dies, we can still continue the chat as long as the internet on the pc we use is not disconnected.

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Therefore how to use whatsapp on a laptop without scanning barcodes you can do so that you open whatsapp web on a laptop without having to use web login

How to connect whatsapp on mobile phone with on pc petama times is to scan qrcode on the computer.

So as long as the device on your phone is not logout, you will always be connected and can chat from all devices listed.

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