How to Open Android Apps in Windows 11 Without Emulator

 One of the features added in windows 11 is that we can open the android application in windows 11 without the need to use an additional emulator.

How to Open Android Apps In Windows 11 - One of the main features in Windows 11 is the ability of the windows 11 operating system to run Android applications on a PC / Laptop without using an emulator.

Microsoft has just released the first preview of android application support for windows 11 the most recent support you can use as an android emulator for windows 11.

Support from the Android application is presented thanks to Microsoft's cooperation with Amazon and Intel.

With the features contained in windows 11, users can run Android applications on PC / Laptop in a very easy way.

But this feature is currently only available to users who follow the Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel program only.

From this opportunity newbie will provide complete steps to open Android applications on a WINDOWS PC or laptop easily below.

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How to run Adnroid apps on Windows 11

To run android apps on windows 11 you must meet some of the conditions that I will provide below

Windows 11 terms running android apps

In order for you to run android applications on windows 11, your PC must meet the requirements of windows 11 that you must meet so that you can open the android application on your PC / Laptop.

  • Make sure you are listed in the Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel program.
  • The operating system build must be at least 22000.xxx.
  • Your PC region is mandatory united states or united states.
  • Microsoft Store applications must be version 22110.1402.6.0 and above.
  • The Virtualization feature is enabled.
  • You must have an Amazon account to access the Amazon App Store. We recommend that you use the VPN app and enable the US region so that the application can run properly.

How to open android apps in windows 11

If you have met all the requirements have been fulfilled, here's how you can run android applications on a PC or laptop that uses the windows 11 operating system.

Please access the Microsoft Store site to download the Windows Subsystem for Android and press the get button to download it.

There will be a lot of Android apps coming here. Like google play store, and you can search for apps and download android apps according to your wishes by pressing the GET button.

And now you can now run Android apps on a Windows 11 PC or laptop in the easiest way.

So many newbie tutorials this time with the title How to Open Android Applications In Windows 11 Without Emulator.

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