12 Reasons Why You Should Use an SSD Instead of an HDD

SSD does have a fairly expensive price but this data storage will give you better performance than HDD.

 12 Reasons Why You Should Use an SSD Instead of an HDD

Reasons Why You Must Use SSD - Currently the data storage for laptops and computers consists of two types, namely SDD and HDD but there used to be such a thing as SSHD.

Both of these storage places have differences in terms of design or function even though they can both be used to store data.

For those of you who want to have a computer with more powerful performance and also fast, SSD can be your choice.

But in terms of ssd prices are more expensive than HDDs. SSD itself does offer better performance compared to HDDs.

For more details about the advantages of SSDs, newbies will give you some reasons that you must consider for you to switch to an SSD.

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The reason you need to switch to an SSD

There are many reasons you are obliged to change your laptop hard drive to SSD. And you can find the right reason below.

1. Boot windows faster

When your computer and laptop turn on, do you feel if the boot time itself takes a long time?

If this happens you can try to use the HDD you use with an SSD with only a small capacitance.

When turning on the computer the computer booting the computer can enter the desktop pc in just a matter of seconds.

2. Superior to the speed of reading

SSDs have much superior read-and-write speeds than HDDs, so SSDs work even better.

SSDs have read and write speeds of up to 550 Mbps, while HDDs themselves have an average writing speed of just 60Mbps.

HDDs require users to wait for the syndle round just to access data, whereas SSDs only use electrical power to access data.

So the speed of SSDs is indeed superior compared to the writing speed of HDDs on the market today.

3. Resistant to shocks

SSDs are superior to shock resistance than HDDs that have drive components in them.

So that SSDs can work better compared to HDDs

4. File Transfer faster

By using an SSD you can transfer data files that have a larger size in a fairly short time.

SSDs offer faster file transfer speeds than you would using a regular day on your laptop.

5. Multitasking is superior

Who likes to work with many applications for sure when switching to an SSD, your computer will not be slow when multitasking using an SSD.

This is because the read and write speed that ssd has is much faster than using a regular HDD.

6. Quieter

SSD itself is believed to be much more durable compared to HDDs. The reason is because SSDs do not have moving components such as HDDs.

7. Save Power

SSDs have much better performance than HDDs, but it is proven that SSDs are actually more efficient in the use of electrical power.

SSDs require less than 1watt of power and HDDs require up to 10 Watts of power. 

8. Cooler

HDD itself applies mechanical elements so that this makes the HDD much faster heat. While the SSD has been guaranteed to be more heat resistant even though you use it for a long period of time.

9. Lighter

Because the size of the SSD is much larger than hdd, this makes the weight of the SSD becomes lighter.

This is because the components in the SSD are not as much as HDDs.

10. More types

SSDs are not like HDDs that only have 2 types of hard drives, yatiu 2.5' and also 3.5'. SDD has many types that you can use on a laptop.

But do all motherboards support SSDs with various types above that?

Well this is back again from the manufacturer of laptops and motherboards themselves whether using sata SSDs or using other types of SSDs.

This is what makes ssd widely used for laptops with high performance but already has a light weight.

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11. Affordable price

If you want to use an SSD but your budget is not enough, you can use an SSD with a small capacity.

For ssd with this small capacity you can get it at an affordable price that fits perfectly in your pocket.

Ssd with small capacity is very suitable for you to combine with the old HDD that you use on your laptop for data storage.

12. More succinct

It has a smaller size than hdds, making ssd weight much lighter.

For various reasons above you are very obliged to switch hdd to ssd and the cost of changing hdd to ssd is very cheap and also easy.

So long ago newbie tutorial this time with the title 12 Reasons Why You Must Use SSD on your laptop or on your home pc.

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