4 Ways How to Fix Not Being Able to Share Folders and Printers in Windows 10

The windows operating system has a feature where we can do file sharing and printer sharing that makes it easier for windows users to share files and folders between devices.

 4 Ways How to Fix Not Being Able to Share Folders and Printers in Windows 10

How to Overcome Can't Access Sharing Windows 10 folders - This feature can be said to be very helpful for users of the windows operating system to access files on different PCs easily.

But sometimes some of the reasons in Windows 10, this feature can not work so we can not share the printer or create file sharing in windows 10.

And because of some of these issues, windows 10 users are trying to figure out how to overcome not being able to share Folders/Files in Windows 10.

This built-in feature of windows makes it easier for windows users to be able to exchange files and folders much easier without having to make contact using other devices.

To use this sharing feature you simply activate the windows folder file sharing feature on your computer device.

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How to fix can not share Folders / Files in windows 10

For those of you who want to use the folder sharing feature or windows 10 files but have obstacles, newbie will give you a way to overcome it.

Computers cannot share data due to some problems that you can overcome in the following ways.  

1. Resolves an issue if the folder cannot be accessed

One of the problems if you can't share in windows 10 is because the folder you want to access can't be accessed.

4 Ways How to Fix Not Being Able to Share Folders and Printers in Windows 10

If you're having this problem, you can follow the steps below.

  • Open windows file explorer on your computer and then you can search for the folder you want to share.
  • Next right-click in the folder and then select the properties option.
  • When the properties window opens, you can click the security tab.
  • Next check the column section of the group of user names and then click on the edit box section.
  • If you have, make sure in it must choose the user category in the form of everyone so that others can access the folder.
  • Select the add section box and then you can select the advanced option and then click the find now option to add the user you want to share the file or folder with.
  • There will be many users you can choose from. Next you can click the Everyone section and then press the OK button.
  • Also check on the reasons section why you chose user everyone and please click OK to confirm.
  • Also check the group of user names column section and then click on the edit section.
  • Select the user everyone category so that others can access the folder.

In the way above, you can create folders that you share can be accessed by everyone on your local network.

If this is the case you must be careful when you want to use how to share files and folders in windows 10.

Make sure if you want to take this feature on, you're in a trusted network and with people you trust.

2. User cannot access folder sharing

Another reason why you can't access your sharing folder with other users on the windows 10 operating system is because users who want access can't enter the same network as the laptop or pc you're using.

To overcome this you can follow the steps below to overcome the unable to share folders / files in windows 10

  • The first step you can do is click on the Windows logo in the bottom right corner of your computer screen or laptop.
  • Click on the gear pictorial icon section to go to the settings menu.
  • When the settings menu opens, please choose in the Network and sharing center section and then you can choose the change advance sharing settings option section.
  • Next you can click on the All Network options section and then you can scroll towards the bottom to find the option that says Turn on password-protected sharing and turn off password-protected sharing.
  • Select the password-protected sharing turn off option to give other computers access to share files and folders on your computer.
  • If you can click save changes to save the change.
  • Please ask your friends to try reconnecting to the network to try sharing files and folders wirelessly.

With the steps above you can make other computers connect to your computer network easier.

But if password protection is turned off then others in your network can easily delete the files you share.

So you must be careful greetings sharing windows on your computer or laptop.

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3. Firewall

Firewall is a feature owned by the windows 10 operating system that blocks malicious access that enters your computer.

You can turn off the firewall feature if your computer already has a paid antivirus so you can access folder sharing between your computer or laptop.

4. Antivirus

In addition to the above problems, one of the causes you can not access folders shared on other computers in windows 10 is antivirus.

In the antivirus feature there is a vitur where only a trusted network can tap into a computer that has a folder sharing.

So one way that you can do is by disabling antivirus on existing computers sharing folders.

But this method is very dangerous because there are many dangerous viruses that can cause your data to disappear or be encrypted such as ransomware.

There are ways you can use to disable the network security feature in your antivirus so you can easily share folders in windows 10.

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