5 Ways to Solve Failed Activation windows Error Code 0x80072F8F

Every time we install or reinstall the windows operating system on a laptop or pc. Later we will be asked to enter the activation code in the windows operating system. But there are times when we get an error message 0x80072F8F that makes us fail to do the windows activation process.


If you have ever done a windows installation or ever reinstalled windows.

Surely the last time you are required to enter the product key or activation code that you got when you bought the windows operating system.

But there are times when you activate and you get an error message 0x80072F8F. Then there's an error when you activate.

Cause of 0x80072F8F error

Some of us must have gotten an error message 0x80072F8F when we did the windows activation process.

But we must be confused what causes it so we get this message when we activate the windows operating system that we often use.

According to microsoft. Error message 0x80072F8F you get if on your pc there are some things that are crammed like.

Errors in the date in the windows operating system and also in your pc bios. So windows does not get the same date and time between on pc and also on windows server.

Or one of them is a problem that occurs on your internet connection so that windows can not verify the product key you have.

If this happens then you will get the same error message as I ever get. 

For that you can do some things that will newbie give the following tutorial so that you can activate the windows system. 

How to resolve 0x80072F8F errors

To resolve the error 0x80072F8F and you can activate your windows. You can do some of the things below.

Change the date

For the first way is to change the date on your pc with today's date and hour.

Usually the hours and dates will change if you turn off your pc for too long and your battery has run out of power or has been damaged.

To change the date and hour you can right-click on the clock at the bottom right of the windows screen

Next click on change time and date and you can fix the clock listed there.

After you have tried to reactivate your windows operating system.

Through the registry

Next you can try to do it through the registry editor the way is by

Type regedit and press OK to open registry editor

Next you can go to some of the following keys below.


In the right panel you can double click at mediabootinstall REG_DWORD value and replace from 1 to 0

After that you can click OK

For the next stage you can open the Administrative command prompt by going to the start > all programs > accessories

Then click run as administrator

Once the CMD is open you can type "slmgr /rearm" without quotation marks and press enter

Click OK in the message "Command Complete Successfully" and restart the computer you are using.

Once the computer is turned on again after you restart you can try to restore windows.

Online windows activation

If all of the things you did above fail, you can do it by directly chat on the Microsoft website.

You can visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-au/help/15083/windows-activate-windows-7-or-8-1 address. Then you press get help to continue the chat with AI from Microsoft.

You will be asked to enter the Microsoft ID in your windows operating system.

We can find it by clicking start and then you type "SLUI 04" Select your regional now and select next.

Later you will get the installation code. The code will be divide into 9 grub and each grub will have 6 or 7 numbers.

After finding the code you can enter it into the chat and later you will get the activation code.

 Activation of windows with telephone

You can also try to activate windows by contacting it by phone.

The same way. You will be asked to search for a Microsoft ID and then you enter it into your call.

Later you will get in the installation that you can enter into the windows operating system.

Download. Latest Windows ISO

It is trivial but you can re-download the installation cd of your windows operating system before you install it to a pc.

This is because, Windows always issues updates to update the operating system and there is a possibility that your windows installer CD is outdated.

Instead of automatic updates to your operating system that make you wait until old age.

It's a good thing you download the original windows 7 iso directly the latest and updated operating system from your windows operating system

Hopefully your pc can use the more updated windows 10 operating system.

Well that's all you can do if you get an error code 0x80072F8F at windows 7. May it help

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