Cool iPhone trick ensures clear shapes!

 Although we, as passionate tipsters, are always well informed when it comes to iPhone tricks, we don't know every single function that the Apple smartphone has to offer. 

Cool iPhone trick ensures clear shapes!

We were quite astonished when we found out about the well-hidden possibility of being able to draw exact circles, squares, etc. on the iPhone with the help of intelligent shape recognition.

Runs smoothly: Smart marking function makes sketches beautiful

Crooked, asymmetrical, useless: Anyone who has ever tried to draw a few shapes while sketching on the iPhone knows that the results usually differ greatly from what you imagine in your head. 

So e.g. For example, if a circle looks like a circle and not like an egg, Apple has integrated intelligent shape recognition into the well-known marking function, which we had not yet had on the screen either. That's how it works.

Suppose you take a screenshot on your iPhone and want to edit it further. Then you can tap the screenshot as usual and select the marker tool (pen icon) to e.g. B. add text, lines, or elements. 

What many do not know: If you draw a geometric figure - e.g. B. a circle, a square, a triangle - the system recognizes this and turns your doodle into a cleanly drawn shape. 

All you have to do is draw the character in one sweep - without taking your finger off the screen - and leave it on the screen for a moment at the endpoint. 

The smartphone enthusiast and TikToker ramalmedia (via GIGA) show in a short clip what the whole thing looks like in practice.

So: Anyone who likes to use the marking tool on the iPhone – e.g. B. to make sketches or edit screenshots - will certainly like this handy trick. This works with squares, rectangles, triangles, and arrows as well as with stars and ellipses. 

By the way, you can use this trick wherever the iOS marking tools are available, i.e. in the editing mode of photos and screenshots or in the notes and mail app.
@ramalmedia 📱 Make your iPhone screenshot scribbles WAY neater with this sinple trick! 💡 #fyp #tech #apple #iphone #ios #ios16 #ioslifehack ♬ Spongebob - Instrumental - Common Cents

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