For iPhone 14 Pro & older: You MUST try this game!

 Often the simplest things trigger the greatest enthusiasm. Such as the game "Hit The Island" which was developed with the "Dynamic Island" of the iPhone 14 Pro in mind. The aim is to hit the new camera cut-out with a ball and collect points. 

For iPhone 14 Pro & older: You MUST try this game!

But owners of iPhone models with the old “Notch” can also play the game.

Hit The Island: The name says it all

What initially started as a small fun project by developer Kriss Smolka as a reaction to the new "Dynamic Island" camera cutout of the iPhone 14 Pro has now officially made it to the App Store. 

The free iPhone game "Hit The Island" takes advantage of the pill-shaped new display notch of the Pro models in a playful way. 
You have to bounce off a flying ball in such a way that the ball hits the island at the top of the screen. 

The score increases with every hit. To keep it from getting boring, the ball moves faster and faster over time. 

In addition, the ball can double and the "paddle" can shrink. It is controlled by swiping sideways with your finger.

The game is not only fun on the new iPhone 14 Pro devices, but can also be played on older iPhone models. 

Here, the previous "notch" replaces the target area reserved for Dynamic Island. If required, the sound effects and the (quite pleasant) haptic feedback can be switched on and off in the settings. 

As already mentioned, the app can be downloaded and played completely free of charge. Optionally, the advertisements at the bottom edge of the image can be removed for €1.99. 

The in-app purchase can also be understood as a small donation to the developer because the advertising banners are by no means annoying.

Our opinion on the app

"Hit The Island" is a nice little pastime for in-between. Regardless of whether you are already using an iPhone 14 Pro or an older iPhone model. 

The aim is to hit Dynamic Island, but on older devices, the "Notch" can also become a target. In any case, the game shows quite nicely how the new display element of the iPhone 14 Pro models can be creatively integrated into a simple game. 

In the US App Store, the app has already achieved a strong 4.8 out of 5 stars with currently 89 ratings after just a few days. In the German app shop, it even has 4.9 out of 5 stars, but there are still a few 19 ratings. We recommend you to try the game on your iPhone.

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